FOOT SENSE - Shoe & Gear Spray

FOOT SENSE All Natural Shoe & Gear Spray. Superior Odor Control for Feet, Shoes, and More!
  • All natural Shoe & Gear Spray neutralizes odor-causing bacteria for fresher feet, shoes, and sporting equipment. Superior odor control -- smelly feet and stinky shoes are no match for our odor-fighting spray.
  • Fast and easy to use -- no messy creams or residue. Simply spray directly on feet and shoes for instant odor control.
  • Unlike some products that simply cover bad odors with synthetic chemical-laden fragrances, FOOT SENSE All Natural Shoe & Gear Spray actively fights the bacteria that cause odors for true long-lasting freshness.
  • Our 100% natural formula can also be used on all types of dance, athletic, and sporting equipment -- from cleats and gym bags to ballet shoes and running sneakers.
  • 100% No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee. Made in USA From 100% Natural Zinc and Other Botanical Ingredients.