April 01, 2018

Foot odor can seem like a mystery. Without the right solution is can be impossible to eliminate. That embarrassing odor just keeps coming back. You might be missing an important factor if you aren’t using something that contains natural zinc for foot odor. Using zinc for foot odor is key when it comes to long-lasting, fast solutions. That’s why it’s a primary ingredient inFoot Sense, but what does that mean?

Zinc, the Mineral

Zinc is an essential mineral for our health and well-being. It’s a basic part of our cellular make-up. It’s in our food. And it can be found in the majority of our everyday products. Makeup, skincare products, dandruff shampoo, deodorants, sunscreens, ointments - zinc is everywhere.


Zinc is essential for our immune systems. It promotes healthy enzyme support in our bodies and keeps our cells healthy. Zinc is necessary for the breakdown of carbohydrates. And it plays a critical role in our ability to taste and smell.

Zinc-for-foot-odor-palm-beach-naturals-foot-senseIn fact, medicine chests recovered from over 2,000 years ago have been found containing zinc tablets. Even then, doctors of ancient civilizations understood the value of zinc. They were using it to boost the body’s natural healing ability.   

Zinc for Foot Odor

One of the best uses for zinc is its lesser known ability to quell foot odor. The most common cause of foot odor is a bacterial bloom. Bacteria love warm, damp places and feet are often the perfect home. Even when you wear flip-flops, it’s usually because there’s warm weather, right? But that just means sweat and warmth can build up between our toes, under our nails, and in cuts or broken skin.

Unfortunately, most natural antibacterial agents are oils, like eucalyptus or tea tree oil. And oil isn’t exactly the best topical when you’re trying to minimize moisture. Zinc is one of the few natural agents with valuable antibacterial properties that also happens to come in powder form.

Plus, zinc is a topical astringent. That means it naturally helps to reduce perspiration, similar to antiperspirants for underarm body odor. It gently closes pores, cutting off the numerous sweat glands in our feet.

Also, damaged, dry skin encourages foot odor because it creates more dead skin cells for bacteria to feed on. But natural zinc powder keeps the skin environment dry without over drying and damaging skin. It prevents moisture build-up but encourages healthy skin.

Podiatrists often diagnose zinc deficiencies in patients with severe foot odor challenges. When we have healthy levels of zinc, we are better at fighting bacteria and odor, naturally. Warm weather, the wrong socks, certain shoes, and other conditions can create difficult to fight foot odor, even with high levels of zinc in our bodies. UsingFoot Sense, which contains natural zinc oxide as an important key ingredient, means you’ll turn a losing battle into an effortless win. Don’t we all love odds like that?

Zinc-for-foot-odor-palm-beach-naturals-foot-senseUseFoot Sense on your feet, in your shoes, and even on sweaty surfaces that can hold bacteria, like workout gloves and yoga mats. The natural ingredients won’t harm you or your gear, but the specially formulated powder will win that championship fight you’ve declared on bacteria build-up and embarrassing odor. Zinc for foot odor is a neutralizer, makingFoot Sense fast-acting, long-lasting, and naturally built for the toughest stubborn odors.