August 29, 2018

Other than the iconic ever-present bearded lady at the circus, beards have been a nearly universal symbol of manliness. It’s often a sign of leadership, prowess, social status, and wisdom. Beards can be closely cropped and perfectly manicured, or wildly bushy and untamed. Either way, it represents masculine virtues and demands admiration and respect. September first of every year is World Beard Day and celebrations are happening all over the world.

Celebrating the Bristles

People from all over the world, on every continent, gather in bearded solidarity to promote and elevate the status of the beard. There are festivals, parades, bearded boxing matches, and while every region has its own set of customs, to shave on this day is the ultimate anti-beard act and is considered wildly disrespectful. In fact, World Beard Day marks the beginning of the season for beards. Soon it will be November, which is also called “No Shave November.” So, making the choice not to shave on World Beard Day can be the beginning of beard season for many.

  • Hang out with other bearded buddies. BBQ, relax, and toast those luxurious locks.
  • Pamper your beard with a premium, high-quality, all-natural beard oil likeBEARD SENSE. It’sspecially formulated with oils that revitalize, moisturize, condition, and style your beard without leaving an oily residue.
  • Get a professional to steam your face and trim your beard. Nothing says luxury like treating yourself to a manly spa day.
  • Go shopping for the essential tools you’ll need for a beard kit. Clippers, trimming scissors,beard oil, comb, and any other tools of the trade that may be helpful.  
  • Decorate and accessorize with temporary hair dye, flowers, jewelry, or glitter. Beard art isn’t for everyone, but it’s real and fabulous. If world beard day isn’t the right occasion, what is?
  • Join a contest, or set a goal to grow your beard and join a contest this time next year. Longest beard, thickest mustache, most outrageous locks, and other categories are something to aim for.
  • Spread the positivity and support by telling a friend or colleague just how glorious their beard really is.
  • Pack your pantry with beard-friendly foods and vitamins. High-quality amino acids, b-vitamins, vitamin A, C, D, and E, iron, zinc, and plenty of protein.
  • Listen to music with famously bearded men. ZZ Top, Mick Jagger, John Lennon, Paul, McCartney, Sting, Phil Collins, Kenny Rogers, the list goes on.
  • Make new beard resolutions. You might promise to take better care of your beard, grow it thicker or longer, or just make it even more marvelous. Whatever the promise, set the goal and check in on world beard day next September.

There are many other ways to celebrate those bristles, but these can get anyone started in the right direction. Enjoy this day and make it your own.