March 28, 2019

No matter where you live, winter and spring are marked by some sort of change in temperature, weather, and lifestyle. Your wardrobe gets lighter, your diet gets a makeover, and your activities tend to pull you out of winter hibernation. This is also the perfect time to switch up your beard and skincare routine for something more seasonally appropriate. Follow the to-do list below for a beard care routine that will keep your mane magically magnificent.

Ready to Rejuvenate

This is the time to recover from the damage winter has caused to your skin and hair. Whether things are just getting a little warmer, or you’re going from snow to triple-digit heat, a change is occurring. The colder the weather, the more damage, and build-up you’ve probably been facing. Take a look at your beard to assess the texture and condition. Is it a little brittle? Maybe it’s got split ends and has become a bit unwieldy. Is your skin dry? Maybe there’s a bit of dandruff flaking onto your shirt? Choose a few problem areas and tackle them one at a time.

Visit Your Barber

It’s time. If you aren’t already having your barber care for your beard on a regular basis, now is the time. Have them trim the uneven areas. Consider tapering your cut to compliment the shape and contour of your face. This is a great time to decide whether you want to do something different, like tackle a more exciting approach to sideburns or work on strengthening hair for a thicker, longer beard. This is also the best possible time to explore color. Comb in a little dye to reduce grey, or completely eliminate grey with a full color correction. Whatever you decide, this is the time to consider your options and create a routine that matches your goals.

Winter to Spring Beard Care Routine  | Palm Beach Naturals

Exfoliate, Shampoo, & Condition

Most of the time the bar soap balanced at the corner of the shower is what’s been cleaning your beard and skin for years. But winter can cause a lot of build-up of dead skin, which causes irritation and dandruff. Plus, hair can become brittle and dull looking without the right resources. Add a weekly exfoliation to your shower routine. If you have a lot of flaking or dryness, a gentle daily exfoliant can do wonders. Go with a gentle, hypoallergenic scrub from the store, or just use a spoonful of sugar and water to massage your skin. Depending on your location, a once to twice weekly wash with a gentle shampoo and conditioner is also critical. A pro tip is to remember to keep water warm, but not hot. Hot water can actually dry out your hair and skin.

Check Your Tools

A fine-toothed comb may be all you need, but this is the time to take a close look. Is it missing a few teeth and is bent from sitting in your back pocket? Try a wooden comb. It’s stronger, and you won’t get any static build-up that can make facial fur harder to manage. They even make flat combs that will fit in your wallet. And choose a flat brush to soften and maintain longer beards. A wooden handle with boar’s hair is one of the best tools you can keep in your toiletry bag. If you’re one of those guys with a natural wave or curly hair that you like to straighten, check your blow dryer. There are always smaller, easier to handle blow-dryers hitting the market.

Moisturizers, Oils, and Balms

Winter to Spring Beard Care Routine  | Palm Beach NaturalsDry skin can just be part of your chemical make-up. It can also be caused by a number of other factors like weather, exfoliating too often, using the wrong products for your skin type, like shampoos, cleansers, or conditioners. Consider doing a deep hot oil treatment or mask once a week to keep your skin and hair in tip top condition. You can also ask an esthetician to help you choose a cleanser and moisturizer combo that will work for your skin. One of the best possible products for your skin and beard care routine is your beard oil. The right oil will moisturize your beard without leaving a residue or making you feel oily. It can help you manage a beard that has a mind of its own. And it leaves you with an attractive scent that you can switch depending on your mood, the occasion, or the time of year. Try something light and with a touch of mint for the morning, likeBEARD SENSE Clearwaterall-natural beard oil. Then switch to a light citrus scent for a weekend BBQ or get-together, likeBEARD SENSE Osceolascent.

Everyone faces seasonal changes, whether it’s life events or just the temperature outside. Remain adaptable to both by being flexible in your beard care routine, and doing seasonal check-ins to make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep your face fantastic and your beard bombastic.