March 08, 2018

Beard and mustache trends come and go, but a healthy beard is always in. Plus, a well-groomed beard is much more comfortable to wear. Whether it’s a big, bushy face warmer or a closely trimmed fade, healthy hair and skin just feel better.

Here are three reasons to use beard oil, even if you aren’t a big ‘product-person.’

Hydrated, Flake-free Skin

Dry skin can happen any time of year. And under a beard, dry skin isn’t always visible, although we can sure feel it. The itching. The tight skin feeling. Sometimes it can feel like each hair is weight and it’s hard to smile.

What is Beard Oil Palm Beach NaturalsAnd once flaky skin begins, the discomfort is only the beginning. Flakes of skin end up in your beard, on your clothing, and in your food and drink. The snowstorm is most embarrassing when you leave it on someone else! Hugs should leave someone with a warm, loved feeling, not beard dandruff.  

Beard oil helps to moisturize skin. Just apply a little after washing your face each day, and almost immediately you’ll notice the difference. It’s easier to smile without tight, uncomfortable skin. And that well-groomed look is only possible when dandruff isn’t all over your look.

Clean, shiny beard hair

Dandruff aside, beards look their best when the hair itself is shiny and clean. The shaggy look is a thing, depending on the trend, but even shaggy beards should be manageable, fresh, and dust and flake-free.

What is Beard Oil Palm Beach NaturalsAdding a little beard oil helps hair to grow in healthy and strong from the follicle. It gives your chin tresses a little shine and keeps split ends from developing, so you and your beard look healthy and attractive. Plus, daily application will keep away those pesky tell-tale signs that grooming may have lapsed, like dull hair, dust, and flaky skin.

Fresh smelling, styled beard hair

Even the mountain man look has a style and a grooming routine. Some beards are naturally manageable, but most need a little help. Beard oil acts as a gentle styling agent, making the well-groomed look consistent and effortless.

Plus, beard oil is a great way to add a little fresh scent to your face. Not only will you smell clean and shower fresh, you’ll be able to play with the best scent for you. Some prefer to wear a signature scent at all times. Others like to have evening, day, and special occasion scents. Regardless of your preference for a scent for all occasions or a single scent that is ‘you,’ a fresh scent is a clean scent.

BEARD SENSE comes in two light, refreshing, choices.
What is Beard Oil Palm Beach Naturals
CLEARWATER features a light Crisp minty aroma with a slight after note of coconut!
What is Beard Oil Palm Beach Naturals
OSCEOLA features a fresh light citrus aroma with a slight after note of coconut