May 26, 2018

You’ve probably heard of probiotics. That word is everywhere. We’re most familiar with it from yogurt commercials. But not everyone actually knows what they are and why they’re important. This is your quick reference brief on gut bacteria and why maintaining the good bacteria in our bodies promotes overall health.

What are Probiotics?

probiotics-palm-beach-naturals-lean-senseThe short answer? Probiotics are good bacteria that live in our gut. Bacteria have a bad rap for all the trouble they cause. Illness, infection, death, the bad rap is well-earned. However, there are good bacteria too, and they live throughout our body as a responsible, contributing members of the body biome, or internal ecosystem we all have. Probiotics have specifically been linked to benefits like healthy weight loss, excellent digestion, a strong immune system, healthy skin, and reduced risk of several diseases and disorders. And while we’re defining things, it’s worth adding a quick note that there are also naturally occurring yeast in our gut that does the job of probiotics. That’s why sometimes probiotics will be referred to in a much more general way by calling them part of the body’s ‘flora and fauna’ or just call them probiotics.

Why Supplement?

Probiotics are naturally occurring in our bodies. We make them from the foods we eat. However, we often don’t consume the foods we need to adequately grow the helpful bacteria and yeast we need for a healthy body. And even though we may all consume a salad a day, we also consume commercial food that can limit our digestive abilities, while at the same time requiring more work from our digestive system. In addition to the food conundrum, our bodies can sometimes get out of balance. The hormones, bacteria, and other central figures in our body’s health can end up being influenced in such a way that they cannot keep up with the body’s needs because they are depleted or unbalanced. The most common examples of what throws our body out of whack are poor diet, lack of sleep, and too much stress. These examples don’t need to be ongoing. Even though it’s normal to have everyday ups and downs, ongoing depletion or creating a yo-yo effect from inconsistencies in any of these areas can create problems. Specifically relating to food, many of us have a hard time digesting food and getting the nutrients we need from our daily intake. That’s why intentionally eating foods that contain probiotics, as well as supplements, have become so important.

How to supplement?

probiotics-palm-beach-naturals-lean-senseDairy, in particular, yogurt, can be a great way to supplement with food. Just be careful to get yogurt that is fortified with probiotics and low on sugar. Sugar is one of leading reasons our gut health can be thrown off in the first place. Other fermented foods can also be an excellent source of probiotics. Sauerkraut, tempeh, kimchi, miso, kombucha, and pickles are just a few examples of foods touted for their probiotic benefits. You can also take supplements in pill form. Just keep in mind that while the FDA regulates probiotics in our food, supplements are not regulated. That means the labels on our food are more reliable sources of information about probiotic ingredients. Drug companies and probiotic supplement producers do not have to show their products are safe or that they work. One of the most reliable ways to promote a healthy biome and probiotic support is to useLEAN SENSE.This all-natural protein powder is perfect for meal replacement and for the everyday athlete looking to boost their health and immunity. It contains natural probiotics and digestive enzymes that support the body’s digestive needs and other important functions.

Everyone needs to choose a supplement system that they are comfortable with and suits their lifestyle. Some may choose to try and only supplement with food. Others understand the value of adding a protein shake, likeLEAN SENSE to their daily food intake. Either way, the bottom line is that today’s busy lifestyles and the priority on health mean supplementing probiotics is critical.