March 22, 2018

Protein powders are associated with gym rats, bodybuilders, and competitive athletes, but the truth is, there’s a protein powder for everyone and every health and fitness goal.

Here are just a few reasons LEAN SENSE makes sense. Just like there’s “Festivus for the rest of us” (any Seinfeld fans out there?), LEAN SENSE is perfect for the everyday athlete - or those on their way to earning the everyday athlete title.

Whey is the way.

Lean-sense-palm-beach-naturalsEveryone has fitness and nutrition advice. It can feel overwhelming sometimes. But there are a few basics that underlie any and all of those tips and recommendations.

There are three types of protein powders: whey, soy, and casein. For those who are lactose intolerant, allergic to dairy, or vegan, soy is the answer.

Otherwise, whey is the way. It’s a water-soluble milk protein, which means it’s easier than soy to dissolve in water and combine with other ingredients. That’s good news because considering the endless shake recipes you are bound to try.

Lean-sense-palm-beach-naturalsAlso, whey is a complete protein. That means it contains all nine amino acids necessary for human nutritional needs. While we can get the protein we need from food sources like dark leafy greens, dairy, and meats, protein powders are an easy, convenient source of complete, high-quality protein.

A Protein Powder Primer

We need protein in our everyday diet. Most Americans only get 15% of their daily recommended protein. That isn’t much. So, adding a little protein to your diet is probably going to be helpful, whether you’re hitting the gym or not.  

To build one pound of muscle, you need 10-14 grams of protein in addition to the daily recommended daily allowance. Getting too much protein can be tough on kidneys and liver.

LEAN SENSE gives you 30% of your recommended daily allowance. Add that to the 15% you get with your average daily intake of protein, and you’re halfway there. And because you’ll be eating healthier by adding more dark, leafy greens and meat to your diet, you’ll hit that 100% goal without any trouble.

In fact, one 4-ounce hamburger for lunch and a 6-ounce tuna (filet or one can of tune) meets the remaining protein requirement. Or have a shake for breakfast and another after your workout for optimal muscle building. Protein powders are recommended throughout the day for muscle building.

Lean-sense-palm-beach-naturalsLEAN SENSE protein powder is perfectly formulated for those who need a healthy, nutritious boost, not someone who wants to go overboard. They are for the everyday athlete, the those who are getting back into shape, and those who are on their way to a calendared athletic event.

Why powder?

Good question. We can get protein in our diet by planning our meals, avoiding dining out, calorie counting, and careful grocery shopping.

The problem with leaning solely on that approach is that it’s tiresome. And keeping up that kind of life means most people will fail, and then feel guilty about failing.

Keeping things simple and straightforward is the best way to ensure you’ll stay on track and healthy. Protein shakes are exactly that - simple and straightforward. Powders never get old because they can be mixed with a huge variety of fruits vegetables, and liquids to keep our diet interesting and tasty.


LEAN SENSE is simple, straightforward, and delicious. It’s the best ingredient to add to our life, to be healthy, athletic, and achieve a diet with complete nutrition.

 Lean-sense-palm-beach-naturalsLEAN SENSE has natural probiotics and digestive enzymes to ensure the most comfortable experience possible. Many commercial protein powders have additives and fillers that can be tough on digestive systems. We’ve had this mix specially formulated to help everyday athletes build and preserve lean muscle mass while losing body fat, for naturally enhanced performance. And we’ve got two rich, satisfying flavors, chocolate and vanilla. Both are free-from sucrose and artificial sweeteners of any kind. Instead, they’re naturally sweetened with coconut palm sugar.

Plus, our formula is made in the USA and is all-natural, which makes it healthier for our economy and your body, while going easy on the environment.


Give LEAN SENSE a try and experience it for yourself!