January 30, 2020

Do your feet ever smell funky like malt-vinegar or Ammonia? Do not worry, you are not the only one, and it is not entirely your fault. If you just ask the question in your head why do my feet smell like ammonia, we got the answers for you right here. 

Foot odor is something we all have encountered or suffered from at some point in our lives; let’s be honest, it is not a pleasant experience whether it is your own feet or your nose is at the receiving end of someone else’s stench.

Feet are an important part of our body and probably the most under-appreciated and overlooked ones too. No matter if you are sitting at your desk at work or playing a sport or just at a party standing around looking your best, but your poor feet clamped up inside those shoes or sneakers on hours.

Why Do My Feet Smell Like Ammonia - It Can Happen To Anyone

Imagine a scenario where you are at a party, and it has been going for hours. You had a good time, and finally, you get in your car to be home.

You are desperate to relax your feet, as they have been inside those shoes almost all day, so you kick off your shoes and take a sigh of relief and that when the other passengers in the seat start yelling and making faces – ‘oh! What stinks in here?’ I know that can cause a real embarrassment, and trust me; it is not your feet causing it.

So what happened there? You don’t smell like that anywhere else on your body, they the feet? You must understand the cause to rectify it, to avoid instances like our imaginary scenario early.

The Real Culprit

Bacteria are the main catalyst, guilty for causing the nuisance of that horrible ammonia smell and the second place goes to sweat.

The chemistry behind this predicament is, any dark, damp place is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, and your feet fit the description. We all sweat, and that’s perfectly natural and healthy as it is our body’s way of cooling itself and maintaining human body temperature.

Sweat is odorless; however, when you wear socks and your feet stay in your footwear for hours, the sweat accumulates on your feet making them damp. At this stage, the bacteria start to breakdown your sweat releasing isovaleric acid.

The damp environment also helps nasty little critters called bacteria feast on dead skin cells and natural oils found on the skin of your feet. It helps bacteria thrive and grow in enormous magnitude.

As the feeding continues, they start secreting the waste in the form of organic acids and volatile sulfuric compounds starting a chain reaction– and that is what makes your feet smell like Ammonia.

It attributes to Bervibactarium SPP; because when bacteria feed on amino acids methionine sulfur on your skin, they secrete methanethiol causing ammonia stench. The intensity of stench is directly proportional to the amount of sweat your feet produce. The more you sweat, the ghastly your feet are going to smell.

Having mentioned that, these bacteria are not all bad. They are our friends as they stick to our feet and help get rid of excessive oils and unwanted dead skin cells. They are territorial; therefore, they are a perfect defense mechanism for our under-pampered feet, as they fight out any unwanted harmful microbial pathogens and disease-causing factors.

Getting rid of the bacteria altogether is not the answer, as it will leave your skin prone to all sorts of external coercion.

How to Neutralize Foot Odor

Now we know what causes the foot odor and that it is a common dilemma faced by masses. Let us look at the remedies available in the market.

Why Do My Feet Smell Like Ammonia solutions - Foot Powder

why do my feet smell like ammonia

It is probably the most widely used remedies of them all when it comes down to tackling foot odor. It is simple to use and has proven to be effective to counteract the issue.

All you have to do is, apply an ample amount of powder on your feet before you put on your socks and make sure that you have covered all areas, including in-between your toes; this will help the powder to soak any sweat produced throw-out the day.

It is most effective if you sprinkle the foot powder in your footwear as well, including all the dark corners, to stop any bacteria from accumulating to grow or cause smelly footwear. This product is available in many fragrances and options in the market, so pick one to your liking.

Foot Spray

A foot spray is another popular product known for its convenience and ease of use. All you have to do is spray a good burst of the bottled mixture on your feet, and you are all set to get in your socks. Most foot sprays promise to give you a long-lasting effect for a full day.

A quick spray after you have laid your feet to rest at day’s end will help relax your feet. The product is available in a wide variety with all sorts of essentials oils and fragrances.

You can even make a homemade spray with a very simple recipe of mixing 2 ounces or ¼ cup of rubbing alcohol or vodka with tea-tree oil. Pour this mixture into a liquid spray bottle and give it a good shake. Walla! You have your DIY remedy to smelly feet.

Charcoal Inner Soles

These charcoal infused insoles are a specimen of modern-day technology and innovation. All you do is insert these soles in your shoes before putting them on. The carbon-based soles are efficiently soaking all the sweat that your feet produce, hence rectifying the beginning of the whole process that causes foot odor.

Some soles use additional silver salts and boric acid for their antibacterial qualities.

If this seems like a more practical solution for you, go for it.

Finally, Personal Hygiene

The most important of them all; your hygiene habits supersede all remedies or precautions. Always ensure that you wash your feet thoroughly and regularly. Do not wear shoes that are you too tight and rotate your footwear to let them dry after use. Wear fresh socks every time and refrain from repeating the used socks – it is not nice.

Use an antibacterial spray to disinfect your shoes. Wash them if they are a washable material. Avoid sharing shoes with others.

Follow a hygienic foot regime daily along with a remedy that suits you and get ready to enjoy happy odor-free feet.