March 06, 2018

 Foot problems like toenail fungus, foot odor, and unsightly feet affect everyone to one degree or another. In fact, more than half of Americans suffer from some type of foot problem. From structural problems to skin issues, toenail fungus to foot odor, just about everyone has an ongoing foot struggle of some kind. And 32% of Americans report foot odor as their biggest challenge.

Even though foot problems are incredibly common, only two in ten people report taking their foot odor challenges seriously enough to do something about it.

Understanding the reasons behind foot odor, can help you understand the solution. 

Why feet smell Palm Beach Naturals Foot SenseMost of the time, lack of action on foot problems is because people don’t know what to do, but FOOT SENSE is the best all-natural solution available. Give it a try, and you’ll notice the risk-free difference, fast.

Smelly feet are caused by a bacteria calledMicrococcus Sedentarius. It’s a prolific bacteria that love dark, moist places. And it lives off of salt and decaying organic material.

Sweaty feet make the perfect home for this bacteria. The sweat glands in feet are always creating moisture to keep feet hydrated. Meanwhile, sweat glands on the rest of the body only excrete with exertion or in hot weather. That means the risk of sweaty feet is year-round.

Even with the sweat glands in our feet working overtime, there’s a slew of skin problems that can occur, including dry feet that make skin itch, sluff, peel. Decaying dead skin is a source of organic material for bacteria to feed on. So, dry, cracked, feet are also an ideal home bacteria and lead to foot odor.  

Why feet smell Palm Beach Naturals Foot SenseEven if you wear flip-flops, moisture can build up in between toes and on the underside of feet, leading to bacteria making a home in our open-air shoes. Socks and insoles are also a dry, moist place that can hold onto flakes of skin - making an optimal home for odor-causing bacteria.

While there’s plenty we can do to prevent and treat foot odor, one of the best solutions on the market is FOOT SENSE.

Foot odor is embarrassing. And if you’re like most Americans, you will struggle with foot odor at some point. Buy FOOT SENSE now and keep it on-hand as a pantry or medicine cabinet staple. When you do need it, you’ll be glad it was at the ready.

Why feet smell Palm Beach Naturals Foot Sense

FOOT SENSE is all natural, so we don’t have to repeatedly place potentially harmful chemicals on our body. Being gentle on our body doesn’t mean it won’t do the job. This powerful formula may be gentle on our skin, but it’s hard on bacteria. FOOT SENSE neutralizes and destroys the bacteria that causes foot odor.

This formula also lasts four times longer and can treat four times as many shoes as the average powder. It’s podiatrist recommended and safe to use on all surfaces. So, if an odor is building up on sports gear, athletic equipment, and even gloves, FOOT SENSE is the answer.

The best part is, FOOT SENSE comes with a 100% money back guarantee and is made right here in the USA.