March 01, 2018

The birth of BEARD SENSE has a story, and it’s as hairy and glorious as you might expect.

Since the day our founder sprouted his first facial hair, he’s had a beard. They always varied in shape, length, style, color, and general scruffiness, but the beard has been ever present. That’s 43 years of beards and counting.

Why BEARD SENSE oil palm beach naturalsAt 13, it was a scraggly Dobie Gillis thing. While living in Albany, NY as a karate instructor at 21, it was a full, bushy, dark brown face warmer. He opted for a well-trimmed, professional look in his 30s while he worked as a salesman and business owner. Now he’s sporting the mysterious and sophisticated greying beard men enjoy as they mature.

Whether beards are trendy or just the way a guy is made, the bearded guys at Palm Beach Naturals, and the women who adore them get it!

This is how BEARD SENSE came to be. One hot South Florida afternoon, our founder’s, both bearded, were enjoying a local craft brew andAngel’s Envy at theSaltwater Brewery, and talking beards. Shape, length, grooming, beard shampoos, balms, and conditioners were all covered.

Rather than suffer through the lack of available solutions, our founders decided to formulate the world's best all-natural beard oil.

Eleven months, several formulas, and many trials and errors later, BEARD SENSE was born - the best grooming and conditioning oil on the planet. It’s specially formulated to revitalize, moisturize, condition, and style your beard.

Every all-natural ingredient was carefully selected and tested for purity and quality. Plus, BEARD SENSE was proudly made in the USA and is backed by our 100% money back guarantee.

It comes in two scents,

Why BEARD SENSE oil palm beach naturalsClearwater - a light, crisp, minty aroma with a slight afternote of coconut.

Why BEARD SENSE oil palm beach naturalsOsceola - a fresh and light citrus aroma with a slight afternote of coconut.





Try BEARD SENSE for yourself. You’ll see and feel the difference.