March 19, 2020

I am facing shoe odor predicament, what are my options for shoe spray to address this problem?

So, you get home from a hard day at work or maybe you are an athlete coming back after a workout. You take off your shoes…. Wuff, a reek hits your nose.

You wonder what it could be that makes them so smelly. Is it the age of the shoe or is there something wrong with the material? Trust me, it cannot be further from the truth, as the reasons your shoes smell are quite different from your presumptions.

Why Shoe Odor? And What Is the Remedy?

As you must be aware, shoe odor causes a lot of social anxiety and embarrassment. However, rest assured as it has less to do with your personal cleanliness. Even the most hygiene-conscious people face this issue more often than they would like to admit.

In this article, we will give you some know-how on why your shoes smell and the methods you can use to eliminate the problem.

What Causes Shoe Odor

Shoe odor is more of a catastrophe than just a smell. You may sit at your desk in a cool environment yet you will have complaints of stinky shoes. You wonder, “I just sit at work, why do my shoes stink?” Well, the main culprit is your sweat.

Do you know that your feet have over 250,000 sweat pores excreting almost a pint of sweat a day? 

But you may ask, “Well, I have sweat glands all over my body, why doesn’t my body stink that bad or has that particular stench?” You are right because your body has a perspiration mechanism and the sweat dries away due to various factors, such as indoor air-conditioning or the breeze outside.

However, your feet are always packed in your socks and shoes. So, where do you think all that sweat goes? Yes, it sticks around accumulating on the surface of your skin, socks, and shoes. As a result, your feet become ideal breeding grounds for the bacteria as they feed on your sweat.

As these bacteria begin feasting on your sweat, they begin releasing a toxin, which is what causes that foul stench. These toxins are then absorbed by your footwear causing the shoe odor issue.

Some people are lucky to just kick off their shoes and not worry about any smell whatsoever. But the majority dreads to do so, especially in public settings, only because they sweat more than others.

Sometimes, excessive sweating is not the only criminal. The breathability of the shoes, types of sock you wear, and excessive use of the same pair repeatedly can cause smelly feet too.

How Do I Get Rid of My Shoe odor

Now that you have found out what is causing your shoe to wreak havoc on everyone’s nose, it is time you get rid of the issue. Don’t worry! You do not have to part ways with your favorite pair of footwear.

There is a simpler, torture-free solution to the problem i.e. a shoe spray. Using a shoe spray is no rocket science. Just shake the spray bottle, spray it on the inside and outside of your shoe and let it dry for a few minutes before slipping into them. You can do so overnight or use a shoe spray right before wearing your shoes.

However, there is a variety of shoe spray available out there. Here are some of them for your convenience.

3 Types of Sprays for Footwear Odor

Although there are all kinds of remedies available in the market, shoe sprays are the best option. The best of them are the ones with all-natural ingredients. Try to avoid any chemical-based sprays. Here are the three best all-natural sprays for your shoe odor.

Spray for Shoe Odor

Lumi offers a natural and safe solution to shoe odor issues. It is probably one of the best sprays available on the market. It is effective in addressing bacterial and fungal issues commonly associated with sweaty feet and shoes.

Living with the fear of taking off your shoes in a private or public place is a thing of the past.

Some factors, such as antifungal properties, make Lumi unique and best at rectifying shoe odor. Similarly, it has antibacterial characteristics and 100 percent all natural essential oils.

All of this concoct together to counteract shoe odor, and prevent-sweat related issues, such as the buildup of bacteria etc. It can neutralize the strongest foot and shoe smell as it contains ingredients extracted from natural herbs.

The fragrance will get rid of any smell and make your shoe smell like new.

Spray for Shoe Odor and Feet

Doctor Careplus is a 100-percent all-natural shoe spray, which can be used on both shoes and feet. It makes your shoe smell as good as brand new.

The spray not only targets bacteria on your shoe but also on your feet to stop the generation of toxins that cause shoe odor in the first place. The spray contains all-natural ingredient extractions as essential oils. 

You can spray it on your feet or shoes depending on the footwear you have on. If you are wearing flip-flops, all you need to do is to spray it on your feet before wearing your footwear. The spray will last you a long time and is very gentle on sensitive skin.

Spray 3 for Athletes Specially

Elite feet is for athletes, as their feet are highly prone sweating. It works for both, shoe odor and feet sweating issues. As it controls the sweating and build up of bacterium due to rigorous exercise that athlete goes through, it directly contributes to eliminating the shoe odor.

It is an all-natural product with extracted essential oils helping soothe dried feet and hydrates your skin. It is one of the products that claims to be 100 percent chemical free and offers a lifetime replacement warranty.

Try a Homemade Remedy

Apart from the above-mentioned types of shoe spray to address shoe odor issues, you can also make a shoe spray at home. Here is a YouTube Video on how to make an effective homemade shoe spray that is all-natural and easy to concoct. Try it out.