January 13, 2020

In this article we are going to talk about shoe odor spray and how it's different from powder.

Foot odor, one of the major alienating catalysts in social settings, whether you like it or not, but it can cause embarrassment and nuisance to all parties.

What is shoe odor spray - Why Feet Smell

Bacteria on your feet and footwear grow as they feed on your sweat. For that reason, your feet start permeating a stinky smell. As your feet produce sweat, the bacteria on your skin produce isovaleric acid cause the pungent smell.

Other conditions such as Athlete’s foot can also cause smell due to a fungal infection in your feet.

Addressing the Problem of Smelly Feet

There is a variety of products available in the market to address the issue such as powders and shoe odor sprays that are an effective way to avoid such predicaments.

Not only have these products helped your feet with a tang of perfume, but they also save you from the hassle of replacing shoes and social associates.

There is no rocket science in using one of these food products; you sprinkle or spray them on your feet and footwear as per your need, and you are good to go.

shoe odor spray

A shoe odor spray, most commonly known as foot spray, is an antibacterial spray you can apply to the feet to counter-attack malodor resulting due to the breakage of perspiration.

A foot spray uses fragrance to neutralize the foot odor. Whereas, foot power, as the name suggests, is in powder form, and you can sprinkle it on to your foot and shoe as per your need.

A show powder prevents the generation of food odor by absorbing the perspiration before it can cause bacterial breakage.

Having difficulty choosing which one of the foot odor-neutralizing products you should buy? That is where I come in to help you decide.

How Shoe Odor Spray Works

A shoe odor spray has a deodorizing effect with antifungal qualities, as it contains salts that prevent sweating from the pores. A foot spray has a variety of oils to give your feet a soothing, cooling effect and eliminating odor with fragrance. 

On the other hand, a foot powder can be fragrant, but it gives your feet a stingy sensation for as long as you have it on. Other side effects of using a foot powder can be dermatological issues such as skin dryness and irritation.

Benefits of Shoe Spray

A shoe odor or a foot spray is easy to use; all you do is spray it over your feet before putting on your socks, and you are good to go.

On the other side of the spectrum, a shoe powder is a messy business because you have to be careful not to spill it on the bottom of your trousers while you coat your feet with it.

You also have to sprinkle the powder into your footwear for foolproof application, as bacteria might be lurking in your footwear as well.

Think of a scenario where you might have to take off your shoes while at work or a party.

A good foot spray saves your day as you can confidently take your shoes off, but if you have foot powder all over your feet, under the socks, and on your footwear, then blimey - you are about to put a clumpy mess on display.

A shoe odor spray has its advantages not only limited to prevent funky smells but also to relax you as your day comes to an end as you can apply it onto your feet for relaxation as it relieves the pain and softens your skin.

Powder, on the other hand, offers no such advantages.

Foot spray-applied has a lasting effect for a full day. There is a variety of organic natural essence foot sprays available in the market, which means you can purchase these with peace of mind.

You can find recipes online to make your homemade foot sprays, whereas powders have all sorts of preservatives and additives in them that might cause allergies and itchiness on the skin in the long term.

The easiest way to make your homemade shoe odor spray is by mixing ½ cup of rubbing alcohol or vodka with 3 to 4 drops of tea tree essential oil. (You can also use any other additional fragrance to your preference).

Pour this concoction into a spray bottle, give it a shake, and you have your shoe odor spray ready to use.

A synthetically produced foot powder might not be your first choice to use on your young ones due to the risks it represents. However, a homemade, organic, or suitable product for children is a more obvious choice for the gentle skin.

Having a good shoe odor spray is not enough. You must follow a good cleaning regime to maintain your foot hygiene daily.

Avoiding Foot Odor

According to the dermatologists, you must always use mild soap and wash your feet thoroughly, especially between your toes. Make sure you pat your feet dry properly, and again, do not forget to dry the area between your toes. Always wear clean socks and change them daily. Institute for Preventive Foot Health (IPFH) suggests that people suffering from wet feet must always wear padded socks so the extra moisture can be absorbed to avoid bacterial and fungal related issues.

Keeping your footwear clean is a must. It helps if you get into the habit of rotating your shoes, as this will give them time to dry out, especially if you are very active or perspire intensely.


You will be surprised to know that neglecting your toenails can also be a major cause for smelly feet. Therefore, make sure that you keep your toenails short and clean. Remove any hard skin with a filer because if this hard skin gets waterlogged while your feet sweat, which can provide an ideal ground for bacteria and fungi to grow.

If a normal spray off the counter doesn’t solve your problem, then you can always ask your doctor to prescribe you a stronger feet antiperspirant spray.