August 01, 2019

How do you choose the type of beard product to use? Just as with the hair on your head, choosing the right product to care for your manly mane means knowing the type of facial hair, such as texture, length, and style. It also means taking into account environmental factors such as whether you live in a cold, dry environment or a humid climate. And lifestyle plays a role. Do you keep an active, sweaty lifestyle? Do you use the blowdryer on your beard to straighten it? Lastly, you may also choose your products based on the kind of look you want to achieve, ease of application, or even your (or your partner’s) scent preference. Here, you’ll learn the differences among waxes, oils, balms, and butters, to find out which type of beard care will work best for you. 


Beard Care: Wax It, Oil It, Balm It, or Butter It? | Palm Beach Naturals


A wax is as basic as it gets. It is unpretentious. It may come in the form of beeswax, lanolin, carnauba, or any combination of these. It may be lightly scented with essential oils. But a wax is just a wax is just a wax. And it does what all waxes do - to sculpt your beard and hold its shape.

Waxes have a thicker consistency than oils and balms. Aside from providing hold and making your beard more manageable, it also has moisturizing properties. 

Because beard wax is more of a styling product, you may want to combine beard oil to your beard care routine as the combined benefits will do wonders for the health of your facial mane. Men with long and hard-to-tame beards usually prefer waxes, but short beards can also benefit from some waxed sculpting. Additionally, beard wax can protect your beard from wind and rain, so you will always look good even when soaking wet. 


Beard Care: Wax It, Oil It, Balm It, or Butter It? | Palm Beach Naturals


Slick and smooth (just like you?), beard oils are made up of the carrier or base oil - such as jojoba, grape seed, castor, almond, and vitamin E - and essential oils - such as pinewood, tea tree, eucalyptus, cedarwood, and sandalwood - for added nourishing benefits and scent options. For men who prefer the smell of their favorite cologne, unscented beard oils are also available. 

Oils will condition your beard and also help keep the skin underneath moisturized. Prickly stubbles? Just slather on some beard oil. Just don’t use too much, unless you want a lot of oil shine on your mane. Depending on the product, a beard oil can eliminate the itchiness and irritation that usually come with the early stages of beard growth; keep beard hair healthy and free from dandruff and split ends; aid in faster beard growth, and increase beard thickness. Some beard oils even offer anti-acne and other skin health benefits.


Beard Care: Wax It, Oil It, Balm It, or Butter It? | Palm Beach Naturals


A soother not a fighter, beard balms are simply a mix of wax and oil. They are a styling product and conditioner in one. A balm’s main ingredients are the carrier oil, essential oil/s, moisturizing agent, and beeswax (or some other wax sealant). 

Like beard oils, a balm helps keep your beard moisturized, soft, and healthy; it is also uniquely scented, depending on the type of essential oils used. The moisturizing agent (such as shea or cocoa butter) also add volume to your beard. The beeswax sealant gives your beard a slight hold, while also helping it lock in moisture. 

Balms are best for shorter beards; if you want a strong hold and especially if you need to tame a long beard, a wax will work better for you. But a balm also works effectively when it comes to giving scruffy beards a neat and polished look, without the stiffness. 


Beard Care: Wax It, Oil It, Balm It, or Butter It? | Palm Beach Naturals


Butter yourself up; you deserve it, and so does your beard! Beard butters will give your facial mane a flattering look with a medium to soft hold, fuller volume, and softer texture. 

In terms of consistency, beard butters are somewhere between oils and balms. In terms of ingredients, they are similar to balms but without the wax. The main ingredient is usually either shea or cocoa butter; a carrier oil is also present for added moisturizing benefits. Compared to oils, butters provide deeper conditioning - penetrating past the hair’s cuticle to give your beard more softness. The nourishing properties of butter also give your beard a fuller look and promote healthier growth. Just like oils, butters help soothe the skin as well. 

As a styling product, it may give even less hold than a balm, but it still effectively tames unruly beard hair and maintains a softer shape. 


Beard Care: Wax It, Oil It, Balm It, or Butter It? | Palm Beach Naturals

Which beard care product should you choose?

It will depend on several things: the look and feel you want to achieve; whether you want more control and hold; the kind of conditioning your beard needs; the length of your beard; any facial skin problems you may have; and other personal preferences, such as the type of scent. 

Of course, it will be great to have all of these beard care products in your arsenal so you can change your look depending on your mood and the occasion. Just make sure to choose products that only use 100% natural ingredients, as these are the best for your facial mane, your skin, and the environment. 

We recommend  BEARD SENSE all-natural beard oil. It comes in two light, refreshing scents. It’s formulated to keep your beard in check and moisturized, regardless of the climate, without leaving an oily residue. It eliminates itchiness and beard-druff. It’s made in the USA. And It comes with a money-back guarantee.