January 16, 2019

People hear about sweet almond oil, and if they haven’t come across it before, they assume it’s just another oil to cook with. Sweet almond oil is so much more! Learn about the many uses and incredible benefits of this powerhouse, and why it’s a must-have ingredient in your daily beard care routine.

What is it?

Almonds are loved for many reasons, particularly by nutritionists as a midday snack. We use almond milk as a dairy substitute. And we can use almond oil for cooking and skin care. But here’s what you need to know. Almonds are good for you in their many forms, and in many more ways than people often realize. It’s worth mentioning that there is such a thing asbitteralmond oil. It’s typically used for fragrance and flavor. Sweet almond oil, on the other hand, is best for skin care. The oil is created just like many essential oils. By pressing the almonds, we can generate a soothing, multi-purpose oil.

Sweet Almond Oil: It’s Not Another Cooking Oil | Palm Beach Naturals

Why is it so great for my skin?

Almonds are packed with antioxidants and vitamins that, if kept in an all-natural form, remain intact when pressed for oil. That makes almond oil one of the most healthful oils out there. Sweet almond oil, in particular, is full of vitamin A, vitamin E, monounsaturated fatty acids, potassium, protein, and zinc.

Vitamin A is often used to help reduce acne and inflammation because it can penetrate your skin without accumulating. This means it can help clear pores of dirt, rather than attract dirt and add to the problem.

Vitamin E is essential for skin because it helps your skin look smooth, soft, and supple. It’s also one of the top antioxidants, which means it can help to protect you from harmful free radicals in the environment that attack the skin and cause premature aging. Collagen depletion is one of the primary reasons we end up with wrinkles as we age. Major contributing factors are genes and environmental stressors, like free-radicals. Vitamin E helps us keep our collagen, so we look younger for longer.

Sweet Almond Oil: It’s Not Another Cooking Oil | Palm Beach NaturalsFatty acids are not produced by the body. We rely on our diet and quality skin care products to get these essentials. They form the outer membrane of our cells, making them absolutely critical for our health, not just vibrant skin. They are the gatekeepers, meaning they decide what passes through the cell membrane. When they are weak, we can end up with sick cells and deterioration. They also maintain water levels in the epidermis, your skin. Fatty acids not only help you look healthy and young, but they also help you maintain overall health throughout your body. Applying fatty acids can help your skin look young, keep its elasticity, and reduce itching and inflammation. The great thing about sweet almond oil when it comes to skincare? It’s gentle enough to be valuable for all skin types. Those with dry, oily, and sensitive skin can all benefit.

Potassium is a mineral we think about when we have muscle cramps. We can get potassium from bananas, avocados, meat, fish, poultry, and almonds. When applied to the skin, you are helping with cell turnover, which means we have fresh, clear skin that looks bright and healthy.

Plant-based protein, including that from almonds, particularly in liquefied form, acts as a protective layer on your skin. This means it protects you while moisturizing, and helping you to retain that moisture. Overall, this is used to reduce skin irritation and improve your skin’s ability to tolerate other beneficial products that become more important as we age.

Zinc is often a forgotten mineral when it comes to skincare, but it’s essential. As a gentle astringent, it tightens pores while cleansing them. This helps with acne and keeps you looking young. Because zinc isn’t absorbed to the deeper layers of the skin, and it’s a powerful mineral that holds itself in chains on the skin, it’s what’s called a physical sunscreen, rather than chemical sunscreen. This translates to protection from the harmful UVA and UVB rays that cause sunspots, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.

What about the benefits for hair?

Sweet almond oil is often used in shampoos and conditioners because it’s great for all hair types and is especially appreciated by those with frizzy or curly hair. This is because it supports the natural texture of your hair, but adds just enough control to make it a powerful hair care tool. Perhaps just as critical is its moisturizing multiplier effect. Sweet almond oil is not only a quality source of moisture for your hair. It also acts as a sealant to help lock in moisture.


Sweet Almond Oil: It’s Not Another Cooking Oil | Palm Beach Naturals

What about sweet almond oil in my beard oil?

Yes! Sweet almond oil is obviously great for both, skin and hair.BEARD SENSE beard oil contains all-natural sweet almond oil, combined with other crucial premium ingredients, so it’s formulated for the best possible skin and hair experience. Simply apply this powerhouse to your skin and beard for a great complexion and healthy, shiny hair, that isn’t weighted down or itchy. Plus, it has a light fragrance that keeps you smelling clean and approachable all day long.