June 25, 2018

It’s finally summer! It’s a time for beaches, pools, BBQs, cold drinks, and hot days. When it comes to beards, it may be tempting to shave, but we’ve got a few pro tips that may change your mind. Summertime beards are here to stay.

Temperature. First thing is first, let’s debunk the myth that a beard is warmer in summer. Beards provide a lot of protection from the elements, but they don’t actually have enough bulk to add significant insulation. In fact, on a warm day, a beard will keep sweat and moisture close your face, which has a chilling effect, especially when there’s a light breeze.

Grooming. Some say a yearly summer refresh can have an impression of cleanliness for others who may see a bushy face mane as a sweat-rag. Uhg. Not true. Just give yourself a trim, pay attention to clearing some of the hair along the jawline to give your face a clean, well-groomed look. And use a light beard oil that has a gentle refreshing scent.BEARD SENSE is lightweight, all-natural, and offers a light mint scent to keep you looking and smelling fresh throughout the day.

UV protection. One of the best year-round benefits of a beard is sun protection. It turns out, beards protect skin from 50 to 95 percent of UV radiation depending upon the thickness. That doesn’t mean going without a strong SPF should be considered. You still need protection for the skin that is exposed and length of exposure matters. But it’s nice knowing there’s some natural built-in protection, right?

Growth factor. Did you know beards actually grow faster in the summer? If you prefer a short fade, that may mean a little more upkeep. But if you enjoy a long, bushy winter beard, summer is the perfect time to kick the growth factor into overdrive. It’s because summer diets typically have more vitamins, given the uptick in seasonal fresh fruit and veggies in summer.

Bearded Elite. Most men shave their beards in the summer, but as a badass beardsman with a year-round commitment to your beard, you’ll be looked up to and revered. You have the info about summer beard benefits, and you sport that facial fur with savvy.

Summer Beard | Palm Beach Naturals | BEARD SENSESo, enjoy the heat, embrace the beard, and don’t forget thatBEARD SENSE is your friend because it will keep your beard moisturized and conditioned, keep your skin clean and free from sweaty irritation, and the scent will keep you fresh and attractive.