May 06, 2018


Spring has sprung. The weather is often damp and warming up. Footwear choices are changing. Flowers aren’t the only thing blooming. That damp, warming weather is the perfect home for the fungus and bacteria that cause foot odor. Let’s keep that spring in your step by making sure you are ready for some key seasonal changes.

Spring footcareCheck your feet. Just a quick once over will do. Check for cracks or broken skin and cuts. Look for blisters and hot spots where blisters may be developing. Sometimes we don’t notice these areas until they become infected. If you tend to wear tight-fitting shoes or heavy flip flops, you may have minor nerve damage, which can mean reduced sensation. A quick visual inspection every single day is the best way to keep feet healthy. If you can’t see the bottom of your feet with any ease, prop a small mirror against the wall.

Try a foot soak. Even though you generally want to stay away from moisture build up in your socks and shoes, doing a deep foot soak can help soften skin and promote a deep cleanse. Use warm water and soak for 15 to 20 minutes. This allows cleansing moisture to go deep. It also helps to break down corns, calluses, and rough skin. Add Epsom salt and some essential oils like citrus, lavender, and eucalyptus. A warm soak also loosens muscles and aids circulation, which can help with overall foot health.

Spring footcareRemove opportunities for foot odor. Dry, cracked skin, calluses, and blisters create organic material that foot odor-causing bacteria love to eat. And dry, cracked skin creates crevices in which fungus can take hold and bloom. Once feet are softened with a foot bath, go ahead and give them a good scrub with a pumice stone. It won’t take care of buildup overnight, so make a habit of using the pumice stone in the shower every day or every other day. If you don’t like pumice stones, you can buy a scrub at just about every drugstore and skincare boutique that will do the trick. At home, mix a little brown sugar with honey and lemon, and you’ve got a homemade scrub worth bragging about.

Spring footcareMoisturize and dry feet at the right times. It’s true the moisture isn’t your friend if foot odor is a recurring problem. But our skin needs moisture to remain healthy. Apply a light moisturizer after every swim, shower, or bath. Water can remove protective oils from the body that help to combat foot odor naturally. Applying a light moisturizer that contains anti-odor elements like zinc and citrus, will help the skin maintain a healthy balance. Then follow with an antifungal powder likeFOOT SENSE for Runner’s Feet, which is a powerful, all-natural formula designed to work with the body by removing unwanted moisture without unnecessarily over-drying feet. At night, wash feet and apply a heavy night cream containing lactic acid to assist with moisture and light exfoliation. Then wear clean socks to bed. After just a week of doing this, you’ll find your feet are strong, skin is soft, and odor is much more easy to combat, if not eliminated entirely.

Indulge in an occasional professional pedicure. This one is optional,but ladies and guys can benefit from a professional scrub down, massage, mask, and moisturizing polish. Spring is the perfect time to make this happen because it kicks off sandals season with a healthy glow.

Spring footcareChoose the shoes and give them a preventative treatment. It’s not always the feet that cause odor. Sometimes, no matter how much we cleanse, scrub, moisturize, and apply the right odorprevention powder, we still end up with stinky feet. The reason may be the socks and shoes you’re choosing. Give all your shoes a good wash. Dry them out completely. Then apply a daily preventative measure, likeRunner’s Feetall-natural formula. And be sure to throw away any socks you’ve cleaned that still seem to cling to odor. Invest infresh socks that will fight odor and be kind to your feet.