December 02, 2018


The holidays are the perfect time to look for the perfect gift to show someone you care. However, this gift list is ideal for any occasion. And the best part is, gifts don’t have to be expensive. The key to gift-giving is to share something with someone that will make them feel good. Give them something that will help them spend time taking care of themselves while feeling comfy, cozy, healthy, and loved. While you’re at it, why not help them feel doubly good by gifting them something that gives back? Give something that carries an ethic they believe in.

For example, gift them something that is fair trade, environmentally friendly, all-natural, or cruelty-free. We’ve collected a gift-giving guide that will help your loved one, co-worker, or best buddy feel seen and cared for while also giving back to the world in a variety of ways. Here are one-of-a-kind his and her gift ideas that inspire and urge self-care while giving invaluable support to makers and sellers who promote an important ethic.

So enjoy browsing through the list below because half of the fun of gift-giving is the shopping part!

Bombas Socks

His and Hers Self-Care Holiday Gift Wish List | Palm Beach NaturalsThese aren’t just any socks. When you gift these socks, you aren’t falling into the gift-giving category of ties and ugly sweaters. You can literally walk your talk of caring for others with these extremely comfortable, well-made socks. With every pair of Bombas socks you purchase, the company donates a pair to the homeless. In fact, they’ve already donated over 10 million pairs! And the brand also boasts of making amazing innovations to what they referred to as “an afterthought in the marketplace.” They don’t just rely on the fact that they make socks, they make great socks. From high-performance kicks, to dress and casual essentials, Bombas are for kids, women, men, athletes, and that quirky friend who like to sport fund designs and themes.

Palm Beach Naturals All-Natural BEARD SENSE Beard Oil

His and Hers Self-Care Holiday Gift Wish List | Palm Beach NaturalsMany bearded men take pride in caring for their beard. And if you’re shopping for the holidays, many beards are fairly new because they were grown duringNo Shave November. However, most men, whether the beard is new or a long-time part of their identity, suffer from dull hair and itchy skin. Palm Beach Naturals all-natural beard oil comes in two refreshing scents that aren’t overwhelming. They are formulated to add shine to those manes without making them look or feel oily. And they are moisturizing with the perfect blend of skin-soothing, moisturizing, and conditioning ingredients that won’t irritate sensitive skin.

Love Your Melon Beanies & Headbands

His and Hers Self-Care Holiday Gift Wish List | Palm Beach NaturalsThe company’s mission is to improve the lives of children with cancer. To date, they donated more than 4.7 million dollars to the cause and over 149,000 hats to children suffering from cancer. More than just accessories, Love Your Melon beanies and headbands are a great way to give them a heads up (pun intended!) about how much you care for the comfort and warmth of cancer survivors and anyone who holds the cancer fight close to their heart.  

Little Market Custom Candles

His and Hers Self-Care Holiday Gift Wish List | Palm Beach NaturalsCreate a unique candle for each of your pals or brothers, customized according to their individual personalities and interests. Make them funny, fun, or heartwarming. Whatever the message, it’ll be memorable. The Little Market is a fair-trade brand that empowers women artisans from all over the world, providing them with a way to make a decent living, to support their families, and to hold up their communities. Every candle purchased provides support to women who have recently resettled from refugee camps and are working to build a brighter future for themselves and their families.

Palm Beach Naturals LEAN SENSE Protein Powders

His and Hers Self-Care Holiday Gift Wish List | Palm Beach NaturalsFor many, better nutrition and overall health is a standard New Year’s resolution. However, many don’t really know how to get started. At Palm Beach Naturals, there’s a protein powder designed for the everyday athlete. It’s perfect for those who want to build a better routine and get in shape, but who aren’t the high-performing athletes who run marathons every weekend and enter competitions throughout the year. The everyday athlete in your life will not only love having a real meal replacement option that’s delicious and made for their active lifestyle, but they’ll also appreciate that all the ingredients in both flavors, gulf stream vanilla bean and cocoa beach chocolate, are all-natural and high-quality.

Birchbox Men’s No Shine Lip Balm

His and Hers Self-Care Holiday Gift Wish List | Palm Beach NaturalsA lip balm for men, why not?! The reality is, dry and chapped lips are not just a problem for women. Understandably, however, most men do not want shiny, balmed lips. They’d rather wear their lips dry and flaking because at least that looks rugged. However, it’s not exactly a kissable look. Fortunately, the Birchbox company has created a “manly” lip balm. It isn’t glossy nor tinted. It is organic and has a light SPF 15 with olive oil, vitamin E, and beeswax. Your bros might make fun of you for giving them lip balms, but they’ll thank you later when their ladies begin appreciating their soft and minty lips!  

A Shopping for a Change Dopp Kit

His and Hers Self-Care Holiday Gift Wish List | Palm Beach NaturalsThis is a great gift for men (or women) who love to travel in style but are also socially conscious. Dopp kits hold toiletries and sundries, so they prove very convenient to have at the office, in the car, on the road or in a carry-on. The high-quality, supple leather is a by-product of the meat industry. They use only available products, rather than relying on materials in such a way that creates a demand for animal products. They are produced by indigenous artisans in Kenya who are paid fair wages for their work, allowing them to support their families in a meaningful way. Shopping for a Change supports the global cause of fair trade by paying artisans up front for their work. They also use a portion of every purchase to fund community service projects in their artisan communities. And a portion of every purchase can be directed at the time of checkout to a U.S. based nonprofit of your choice. Any gift from Shopping for a Change will not only be high-quality and satisfying but gives back in multiple ways.

Palm Beach Naturals All-natural FOOT SENSE Hydration Cream

His and Hers Self-Care Holiday Gift Wish List | Palm Beach NaturalsMen aren’t always all about hydration. And foot odor isn’t something often talked about. This all-natural therapy cream hydrates, softens, and repairs that difficult-to-care-for skin on our feet while fighting foot odor! It is formulated to protect dry, cracked skin offering a solution for all types of foot conditions. This is one of those self-care gifts that people can not only use to get soft skin, but that serves the dual purpose of creating healthy feet that are free from common foot care problems like dryness, itching, and odor. Plus, the formula is free from drugs, steroids, and mineral oil. FOOT SENSE Skin Therapy Cream is a safe and effective way to treat dry, painful skin, without the worry of exposing your body to harmful chemicals. All the ingredients are all-natural, luxurious, and regenerating.

Make this gift-giving season more meaningful with gifts that promote ethical values and encourage self-care. And go ahead and add some of these items to your own wish list! Don’t just think about gifting an object. Give in a way that gives the receiver a feeling of comfort, relief, pleasure, relaxation, well-being, or even luxury, while helping them feel good about giving back to the world around them. That’s how you can improve their lives and make a memorable impression that has an impact.