April 21, 2018

Foot odor is just a part of life for many. It doesn’t matter what time of year or climate, stinky feet and footwear can creep in and put up a fight to stay strong. Luckily, there are some best practices and some hacks to get rid of foot odor fast and keep it gone. Choosing the right socks can be a game changer for foot odor. Here’s what you need to know.

The Wrong Socks

Right-Socks-Palm-Beach-Naturals-Foot-SenseEarlier we talked about the wrong socks and their role when it comes to foot odor,Avoid Foot Odor By Avoiding The Wrong Socks.”These include cotton because it doesn’t breath and it holds onto moisture, making the inside of your shoes a haven for odor-causing bacteria. We also talked about the controversial discussion about synthetics. Polyester and rayon don’t breath, and can keep the heat in the wrong places, which adds to problematic moisture. However, there are synthetics that are built for moisture reduction and bacteria repelling. We’ll get into the details in a moment, but the quick answer is to choose the socks with built-in tech, rather than the standard dress socks.

The Right Socks

There are many materials to choose from that will help combat odor, but here are the list-toppers.

Wool. At one time, wool was only used for sweaters and hats because of its reputation for being itchy and unbearably irritating. However, we now have Merino wool, a soft, durable, non-irritating choice and it’s perfect for cooler months. It keeps feet warm keeps moisture away from the skin. It also dries quickly, unlike cotton, so bacteria doesn’t have a change to build a colony in wool fibers.

Right-Socks-Palm-Beach-Naturals-Foot-SenseCopper.There are socks with a copper weave that can be effective. Sound strange? Not when you think, about it. Copper stimulates collagen and blood flow, which keeps skin healthy and soft. That helps to remove any dead skin or organic material for bacteria to feed on. Plus, copper is naturally antimicrobial and antifungal, which is why you see water bottles and pipes made out of copper. That little bit of extra protection against odor-causing agents can do wonders. Copper socks are typically used by the military in hot, sandy, desert conditions. And it’s most common in compression socks for runners and athletes.

Bamboo. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable natural resources on the planet. While the garment process is less sustainable than other bamboo manufacturing, it results in eco-friendly socks that are soft, flexible, and moisture wicking. They are great for fighting odor, and are recommended for people who are allergy-prone, have diabetes, or live with sensitive skin. They’re insulating, so they can be used as liner socks. And they can be knit for insulation, so they are great year-round. Most importantly, they are four times more absorbent than cotton, are anti-fungal, and naturally antibacterial. Just double check the brand and label to make sure these natural properties have not been removed during the manufacturing process.

Right-Socks-Palm-Beach-Naturals-Foot-SenseScientifically engineered high-tech socks. When looking for the right socks to combat odor, the high-tech, scientifically engineered fabrics can be heavy duty weapons for tough odors. Coolmax is a polyester based technical fabric specifically designed to combat odor by DuPont in 1986. Olefin was developed in Italy in 1963 to be a synthetic, lightweight, durable, and quick-drying material. It’s so water resistant, it officially falls into the category of hydrophobic, meaning it wicks water away from skin 25 times faster than other fibers. For these reasons, it actually won the Nobel Prize in chemistry. DryMax is a version of the Olefin fabric, but it’s infused with a molecular-level, non-toxic antimicrobial treatment to keep it odor-free.

Beyond Socks

Of course, it’s not all about socks. We can buy the most expensive, high-tech, expensive socks ever made and they won’t work if we don’t have other anti-odor tools and best practices in place. There are carbon insoles you may find helpful. Keeping feet clean and free-from dead skin will minimize organic material for bacteria to feed on. Always use clean socks each and every day. And keep shoes clean and dry. Air shoes out at night and make sure they have plenty of time to completely dry out before using them again.

Right-Socks-Palm-Beach-Naturals-Foot-SenseRegardless of the shoes, tech-socks, insoles, liner socks, and clean feet habits, an all-natural zinc-oxide powder should be a staple in your gym bag, your closet, and your bathroom cupboards. Foot Sense is the perfect solution because it’s all natural, contains zinc oxide as well as other important ingredients, and is formulated to work on tough odors. It’s not only useful in shoes and on feet, but on all materials that may hold onto sweat and odor, like gym equipment, gym bags, bike seats, gloves, and more.