October 18, 2018

Beforeno shave November kicks in, October 18th isnational no beard day. It’s a time to celebrate smoother faces and stubble-free, kissable skin. This is a brave move. These days furry faces are in. We’ve returned to a movement of bearded symbolism for masculinity. This is the time to make your own statement and own that hair-free complexion. Or, if you’re going to participate inno shave November, then this is the time to get a close, straight razor shave from a pro before launching the new beard journey.

No Beard Day Beginnings

The who and when of the beginnings of no beard day are uncertain. Some say it’s an attempt by razor companies to bolster their bottom line before no shave November reduces their typical monthly revenue. That may or may not be true. It could have been a fun day brought about by barbers. Or it could have begun as a way to recognize men without beards aremore likely to be hired for jobs, andOctober is the third best month for hiring in the United States.

The Why’s and How’s of No Beard Day

It can be a time for self-care. Many men experience dry skin and other related challenges after wearing a beard for an extended period of time. By shaving everything off, you can get a facial and update your skincare regimen for your entire face, rather than limiting your product routine to your cheekbones and forehead. This can give your full face the thorough cleaning and long drink of moisturizer it needs to be healthy and vibrant.

Do it for the gram. These days, we record everything online. Our beard can be part of our identity, which means getting rid of the beard, temporarily or otherwise, is a big deal. Take before pictures. Take a ‘during’ picture with your face half shaved. Then take after pictures. Use #NoBeardDay and post them to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or wherever your online footprint calls home.

It’s a special challenge for all men. Get rid of a beard you’ve had for years and start fresh with a new beard in November. Cutting off hair and shaving a long-time beard can represent more than just removing fuzz. It’s a cleansing, and symbol of new beginnings. If you don’t have a beard, this is the perfect time to get a steam and a straight razor shave in preparation for the new beard you’ll grow in just a few weeks.

Celebrations are always more fun in groups. Pull together your bearded friends, kids, and partners for a beard-free party. Everyone can shave their beards together, take photos, and get used to your new naked chins together. For an extra fancy touch, hire a couple of local barbers to do a close shave on each of you in the comfort of your home.

No beard day can be a self-care check-in, a celebration, a preparation for no shave November, and an online photo essay. Whatever you decide, celebrate your whisker-free day in style. And don’t forget to keep a bottle of premium, all-natural beard oil on-hand. Choose from two refreshing scents,Clearwater and Osceola. Whether you are maintaining stubble or growing a new mane, it will moisturize your skin, your hair, and leave you smelling fresh and clean each and every day.