October 13, 2018

 When it comes to advice for healthy feet, yogis and yoga practitioners are typically a reliable source of info. As the foundation of our bodies, they prioritize foot care. So, we decided to reach out to them again to bring you more foot care tips from yogis. You can also read the first in this series, Foot Care Advice From Yogis

Never underestimate the importance of arch support

More Foot Care Tips From Yogis | Palm Beach NaturalsThe arch on our feet is significant. It affects much more than just your soles and digits. Your whole body posture could suffer from a fallen arch. It happens when the muscles and ligaments responsible for the arch begin to lose their strength. This affects the way your feet are set on the ground, which in turn creates extra tension on your knees and leg muscles. It becomes a chain reaction that could manifest itself all the way up to your neck and shoulder muscles.

There are other foot conditions that could be linked to arch problems: bunions, shin splints, tendonitis, and pain on different areas of the body can be traced back to the loss of tone and strength on the ligaments and muscles that keep your foot arch in place. That’s why taking good care of your foot arch is so important. Be it through exercise, better posture or using arch supports and other corrective measures, you should never neglect the condition of your foot arch.

Do some stretching exercises for your feet

Stretching, before and after exercise and long efforts can save you a lot of pain in the following hours, and even days. Your feet should be no exception to that. Yogis know a thing or two about stretching and foot exercises, so here are a few you can try.

Exercise with a tennis ball: standing up, roll a tennis ball under your foot arch for 30 to 60 seconds. Take a small break when switching from one foot to the other. Besides the arch itself, you will feel the difference throughout your body, neck, and shoulders.

Foot rotations: Sit on a chair, cross your legs, and interlock your toes with the fingers of your opposite hand. Rotate your foot about a dozen times then switch to the other side. This is a great exercise to stretch and strengthen the toe muscles.

Contractions of the foot arch: while standing up, put one leg back with your arch curled and facing up as if you were dragging your toes on the ground. Do this on both legs, either on a straight line or performing circles on the ground, to contract the arch muscles and improve the blood flow.

Massage the balls and arches of your feet: these two areas of your feet are believed to be linked to the wellbeing of different vital organs. If nothing else, providing relief for the muscles and increasing blood flow will ensure a healthier foot. Spend between 30 to 60 seconds massaging the arch and the ball of each of your feet.

Choose your footwear wisely

More Foot Care Tips From Yogis | Palm Beach NaturalsFoot care experts can’t stress enough, the importance of foot care. Selecting the right footwear is vital to the health of your feet, and your general well being. This means, for example, cutting down on the use of high heels and heavy flip-flops that will slap the bottom of the heel. Remember to choose footwear with features like arch support and cushioning on the heels. Perhaps the most important detail is to choose the right size, and avoid shoes that are too tight or force your feet into unnatural positions.

Socks with grip

More Foot Care Tips From Yogis | Palm Beach NaturalsYogis are all about setting your feet free and the benefits of being barefoot. However, there are times when we need to wear dress shoes or something with support for exercise and sports. In these cases, socks with grip on the soles might be helpful. They’re also helpful if you are using a borrowed yoga mat and wish to protect your feet. Some of those mats may not have been thoroughly cleaned between each use and can expose your feet to odor-causing bacteria.

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