January 11, 2019

Endurance is one of the critical factors that affect an athlete’s performance, and endurance requires body fuel. To sustain their energy needs during training and exercise, athletes can fuel up with maltodextrin.

How it Works

To bridge the gap between training and performance gains, an athlete needs to have the best possible nutrition. What the body mainly relies on and uses a lot of during training and exercise are its stores of energy, which mostly comes from carbohydrates.

There are different types of carbohydrates, however, and each type is absorbed and utilized by the body in different ways, which directly affect performance output. Maltodextrin is a complex form of carbohydrate made up of chains of glucose; it is derived from the starch of potatoes, rice, or corn. Because it has a high Glycemic Index (GI), it is more quickly absorbed and metabolized by the body, which translates to energy that is readily available and quickly oxidized during exercise.  

Maltodextrin, as an energy supplement for athletes, comes in powder form, which Palm Beach Naturals has added to their all-natural protein shakes,  LEAN SENSE. It is also often the main ingredient in sports drinks. Maltodextrin is the ideal carb of choice to fuel the muscles quickly and prolong endurance during and after workouts as it packs a lot of oomph - with4 calories per gram.

Maltodextrin Benefits

During and after an intense workout, the muscles become depleted of energy; hence, the feeling of weakness and tiredness. Because maltodextrin is quickly digested by the body, the muscles can get the energy boost they need just as quickly, effectively prolonging endurance during exercise, and restoring muscle function after. Maltodextrin also replenishes the stores of glycogen used up during exercise, so that there’s always energy available when needed.  

Maltodextrin for Athletes | Palm Beach Naturals

Not Just for Athletes

Maltodextrin is the ideal energy supplement for endurance athletes, but it also offers energy benefits for gym and fitness buffs. Those who want to gain muscle mass will, of course, need not only strength but also endurance, so adding maltodextrin to their assembly of supplements is also an advantage.

Practically anyone who needs to replenish muscle strength and energy during and after a demanding physical activity can benefit from maltodextrin. Because it is a health supplement, it is best consumed together with a healthy diet for the best possible results.

Because maltodextrin can increase blood sugar levels quickly, people who have challenges maintaining optimal sugar levels, such as those with chronic hypoglycemia, cantake maltodextrin as part of their maintenance routine and with their doctor’s recommendation.

When and How to Take Maltodextrin

When you should take maltodextrin depends on when you need the energy boost and recovery. If you need that extra push during workout, remember that the body’s maximum carbohydrate absorption capacity is 60/g per hour, so measure your intake accordingly; consuming more than this often leads to an upset stomach.

For recovery of muscle function, in case you still have a long day ahead, for example, maltodextrin powder can be added to a post-workout protein shake. Because maltodextrin powder is relatively flavourless, it can be added to practically any drink, even food. Of course, it is important that what you’re supplementing are also healthy. Because maltodextrin is already an ingredient in  LEAN SENSE, our all-natural protein supplement, your meal replacement is just a moment away.

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With its high GI, consuming maltodextrin in amounts in excess of what is recommended or together with drinks or foods with a high sugar content cancause significant spikes in blood glucose levels. Those who are predisposed to developing diabetes, or have diabetes or insulin resistance should avoid maltodextrin.

Because maltodextrin has also been shown to affect the growth of gut bacteria, either suppressing or promoting it, those who are predisposed to developing digestive or autoimmune disorders should not take the supplement.

If you’re trying to lose weight exclusively through a healthily-controlled diet, you should avoid maltodextrin as it is a type of sugar.

Maltodextrin for Athletes | Palm Beach Naturals

Final Verdict

Maltodextrin is an effective energy supplement for everyday athletes, particularly those who need to prolong their endurance, maintain muscle strength, and gain muscle mass. Practically anyone who needs an energy boost for strenuous physical activity can benefit from taking maltodextrin. In powder form, it can be added to any healthy drink and food. When you choose Palm Beach Naturals  LEAN SENSE, you are getting your maltodextrin as well as several other all-natural essentials formulated for the everyday athlete. As a meal replacement or added to a meal, this protein powder is versatile and exactly what you need to build muscle and your overall health.