March 15, 2018

What does jojoba seed oil do for your beard? The short answer is a lot.

But here are some of the whys and must-knows to keep you informed about how to be the best bearded you, with the help of the jojoba seed oil and other important ingredients in BEARD SENSE.

The Jojoba Seed Oil Difference

jojoba-seed-oil-palm-beach-naturals-beard-senseJojoba oil comes from the seed of a shrub common to the southwest United States, mostly southern Arizona and California, and northwestern Mexico. The leaves and branches are food for wildlife, but the seed is indigestible by mammals, so we use it for its liquid form.

The word liquid is a little misleading. Jojoba is actually a wax, but it has such a low melt point that it resembles oil and can be used without dilution. Because it’s technically a wax, it doesn’t have a greasy feel and helps to suspend other oils to minimize the greasy feel of jojoba oil combinations.

Originally, whale oil was a traditional base for cosmetics, but it’s lack of sustainability, and the cruelty involved in harvesting gave way to other, better products. Jojoba grew in popularity in the 1930s and continues to be one of the best carrier oils available.

jojoba-seed-oil-palm-beach-naturals-beard-senseUnlike most vegetable oils, jojoba closely resembles sebum, the waxy substance our skin glands naturally produce. This quality alone means it’s perfect for use on hair and skin. It won’t react with our natural oils and works as a balancer. Meaning, jojoba moisturizes dry skin and helps to even out or soothe oily skin.

When used on hair, the oil penetrates the hair fibers to strengthen them. And hair tends to become weak and dry over time, but jojoba can penetrate the shaft to help hair retain moisture longer. This helps to prevent future damage and gives hair a fuller look.

As if all of this wasn’t enough, Jojoba is packed with vitamin E and B. It also contains silicon, copper, and zinc. All of these are great for maintaining healthy, moisturized skin and to prevent dry, brittle hair. Plus, it’s an antibacterial, so it will help to keep your beard cleaner, for longer.

BEARD SENSE Contains All-natural Jojoba Seed Oil.

jojoba-seed-oil-palm-beach-naturals-beard-senseWhile jojoba is used for many purposes, it’s perfect for beard care. And we’ve formulated BEARD SENSE to capitalize on all the best features of jojoba to ensure the best possible experience. Simply massage a few drops onto your damp beard after a shower. Many people choose to use beard oil twice a week, but our all-natural formula is safe and gentle enough to be used daily if preferred.

BEARD SENSE contains jojoba seed oil as the first ingredient on the label because we understand the value:

  • Jojoba is a wax rather than an oil, so it contributes a non-greasy feel.
  • As an emollient, it unclogs pores and encourages hair regrowth.
  • It resembles sebum, so it’s perfect for use on hair and skin.
  • Because of its fatty makeup, it gives the look and feel of thicker hair.
  • A unique benefit is that it’s a balancer: moisturizing dry skin while soothing oily skin.
  • Jojoba is packed with vitamins and nutrients that feed thirsty skin and hair.
  • It’s an antibacterial, leaving beards cleaner for longer.

Try BEARD SENSE with jojoba, and you’ll see and feel the difference.