March 23, 2022

Sweaty of the feet is a normal condition, especially if your job includes a lot of mobility. This is the reason why sweaty feet are a common problem for soldiers, hunters, and field officers, as they have to wear work boots for long hours.

Sweaty feet in work boots not only make you feel uncomfortable but also cause an unpleasant smell. Moreover, they make a breeding ground for fungus and bacteria that can cause cracking, peeling, itching, and pain.

It is worth mentioning that excessive sweating is one of the symptoms of a medical condition called hyperhidrosis. Many people suffer from this condition because of overactive sweat glands. According to The International Hyperhidrosis Society, approximately 5% of people in the world suffer from this condition. Excessive sweating in feet may lead to several health issues such as toenail fungus, athlete’s foot, and foot odor.  

Therefore, learning how to keep your feet from sweating is always a good idea if your job requires you to spend long hours in work boots.

But before we plunge into the tips of keeping your feet sweat-free, let’s quickly go through a few causes of this condition.

Reasons for Excessive Feet Sweating

There are many thermosensitive neurons in your brain’s hypothalamus. They activate the sweat glands when receiving signals from the skin receptors. Sweating decreases your body temperature via evaporative cooling on the skin. However, working in heavily lined and close-fitting boots makes feet extra sweaty and warm.

Plus, the amount of sweating depends on weight, age, gender, activity level, and other factors. Remember that sweat is just a liquid with minute traces of urea, lactic acid, and minerals. Only when bacteria metabolize this liquid, it leads to disagreeable odors and skin problems.

Ways to Keep Your Feet from Sweating in Work Boots

As mentioned above, sweating while wearing tightly fitted footwear is a normal condition. However, some individuals suffer from it more due to unstoppable sweating, and they cannot perform their duties properly.

Take a look at these tips that can help you keep your feet from sweating, especially when you wear work boots.

Wear Absorbent Socks

Wearing clean socks that have good absorbing quality is the first and most important thing you can do to keep your feet and shoe sweat-free. Make sure you wash your socks after using them. Buy antibacterial socks if your feet exude a lot of sweat.

Although all pairs of socks have some degree of absorbing quality, excessive sweaty feet need highly-absorbent socks. The thickness of these socks may vary, but they are all extremely comfortable, light, and keep your feet cool.

Wearing socks that can wick moisture and wetness off your feet is an ideal way to prevent odor and skin problems like athlete’s foot.

Apply Antiperspirant

Your feet have more sweat glands than any part of your body - somewhere around 125,000 sweat glands. These glands produce a lot of sweat when they get hyperactive due to warm temperatures.

Feet trapped in work boots for long hours not only develop uncomfortable moisture but also start smelling like a rotten egg. Using a high-quality antiperspirant is a great solution to remove that unpleasant odor and prevent sweating.

If you do not have one specially designed for your feet, you can use a regular underarm antiperspirant. The components in these antiperspirants will help you keep off sweat. You can apply the antiperspirant between your toes. However, use only a small quantity by spraying lightly.

Use Foot Powder

Using foot powder before wearing boots is another excellent and easy trick to keep off sweat. 

However, you need to find one that works best for you and is of premium quality. If you have hyperhidrosis, spraying a liberal amount in your boots daily and wearing clean socks can help you control excessive sweating. Foot powders are very effective in reducing foot sweating in work boots. They help you feel fresh and comfortable even in the hot weather.

Wear Breathable Socks and Boots

Tight-fitting socks and boots can aggravate your sweating condition. That is why it is essential to give room to your feet to breathe. You can wear breathable boots and socks to avoid sweating. Know that your toes must have enough space to wiggle after you have tied the laces. Try canvas and leather made work boots, as they are more comfortable and inexpensive.    

Clean Your Feet Daily

Putting on socks or boots on dirty feet can be one of the reasons for foot infections and allergies. The bacteria in your sweat can worsen the infected area. You must wash your feet with antibacterial liquid-soap regularly before wearing socks and boots, and after taking them off. Don’t forget to pat your feet with a dry towel.

Keep Your Work Boots Clean

People with sweaty feet need to clean their work boost at least once a week. This step is vital to kill the germs and prevent foot infection. You can use a mild detergent and soap to wash your boots. Although work boots use tough leather and can withstand regular cleaning, never soak them in water for a long time.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking a sufficient amount of water is crucial for regulating and maintaining body temperature, especially during summers. It is also a great tip to reduce sweating and keep your feet fresh for long hours.

Try Iontophoresis

Iontophoresis is a recommended technique by the American Podiatric Medical Association for people who have the problem of excessive sweating. The method uses a device that passes electric current (mild) through the skin of the feet to block sweat temporarily. Although the technique is useful, you need to repeat the process every 4 to 5 weeks to see consistent results.

Bottom Line

Overall, sweaty feet can leave and unpleasant smell in your boots. If you do not pay attention to the problem, you may experience foot infections. So, make sure that you are doing everything to keep your feet clean, fresh, and fragrant.