August 24, 2018

Sometimes it seems like some guys are just blessed with great facial hair. The rest of us, the majority of us, have to work at it. You might struggle with breakage and split ends that keep your mane from getting as long and lustrous as you want. You might be fighting patchy patterns. Or you might be dealing with generally thin hair that just won’t seem to grow in thick enough to look good. A healthy, thick beard can mean many things to many people. It’s not just a fashion thing. Men with thick beards carry cultural associations. Great beards are a sign of maturity and fertility. They are often associated with wisdom, confidence, and leadership. For men with baby faces, a great beard can make them look more mature. For older men, a beard can cover aged skin, wrinkles or deep lines, making them look younger. A beard may be thin or patchy because of genetics, but there are some great tips and regimens that can optimize anyone’s stubble for maximum growth factor. In part one, we cover lifestyle and skincare. In part two, we cover diet and beard care. In part three, we’re covering some of the more extreme, but effective treatments men often use for a great beard.


Your lifestyle can actually play a huge role in all-over hair growth as well as everything else, right? Mood, energy, and overall well-being are all connected to your lifestyle, not just your willpower or mindset.

  • Get serious about the process of growing healthy hair. Committing to a lifestyle and regimen that will result in the miracle mane you are looking for takes time. It will go faster, and you’ll be more likely to see results quickly if you go for a well-rounded set of solutions. Basically, there’s no magic pill.  
  • Get enough sleep. Stress can cause us to lose sleep, but not enough sleep can add to our stress. The best thing to do is get that sleep! It’s better for you, will help you think faster and more clearly, and you’ll free your body up to grow your facial hair. Many men who struggle with patchy or thin hair, beard or head hair, are actually suffering from lack of sleep. Their body becomes so drained that it has to pull resources from other body functions. Hair growth is one of the first to go.
  • Manage stress in healthy ways, such as working out, meditation, and taking vacations. You don’t have to be an athlete, but sweating regularly and getting your blood pumping every day delivers more nutrients to your skin and hair, which leads to a thicker, faster-growing beard. Vacations, avoiding burn-out, and taking regular time to regenerate your energy helps your body work efficiently.


Yup. A skincare regimen that works for your skin type, age, and the environment you live in is critical. It doesn’t have to be expensive or onerous, but everyone needs healthy skin if they want a healthy beard.

  • See a skincare professional. You don’t have to get a professional facial every week or month. But by heading to a qualified, experienced professional, you’ll get advice on the best possible regimen and products for your specific needs. Quality skincare is about more than drugstore solutions. You can get inexpensive products that are engineered for the needs your skin has at your age and life stage, your lifestyle, and the types of environmental exposure you live with.
  • Exfoliate at least once per week. For some, it’s better to exfoliate twice a week. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and encourages hair growth. When pores are clogged with dry skin and debris, hair follicles can be slowed and even arrested completely. Whatever you decide, be careful not to over dry your skin, which is a risk of too much exfoliation. This also helps with ingrown hairs and smoothes some forms of irritation.
  • Wash with a mild cleanser every day. Some are too harsh and cause dryness or breakouts. Others are too mild and won’t really clean your face properly. Always choose a soap that builds a great lather. And whenever possible, use soft water. Well-water and hard water can clog pores, dry skin, and can make rinsing difficult, which will leave a soap residue that causes other problems.
  • The right beard oil will deliver non-oily moisture to your beard and your skin while leaving you smelling fresh and clean.BEARD SENSE all-natural beard oil is made with premium ingredients formulated for the health of your skin and hair. It comes in two scents,clearwater leaves you with a light citrus mint. AndOsceola leaves you with a light citrus scent with coconut afternotes. Plus, it’s made in the USA and is backed by Palm Beach Naturals 100% money-back guarantee.  
  • Use the right moisturizer. If you’re on a limited budget and aren’t sure where to invest, this is it. Exfoliation, cleanser, and beard oil are all important but can be found for your skin type, whatever that may be, for relatively inexpensive. The right moisturizer can make or break your skin. Choose something that will deliver the right kind of moisture, every day and every night. It should also protect you from environmental pollutants and have an SPF that will protect you from the sun’s rays. The sun is responsible for 90% of the visible signs of aging. An excellent moisturizer will protect you from all of that while promoting healthy hair growth. Lastly, use a moisturizer that contains eucalyptus. The oil promotes facial hair growth. If your choice moisturizer doesn’t contain eucalyptus, consider a light night cream with the ingredient.

Stay tuned for part two and three where we'll explore even more ways to grow a thicker, longer beard more quickly.