April 19, 2022

If you prefer walking to most of your destinations and happen to live in a vicinity with a healthy canine population, you may have faced countless problems involving dog poop.

You might even have asked the question, “How do I get rid of the dog poop odor off my shoes?” far more than you’d like to admit.

Squish! You heard it, you felt it but ignored in a rush – you kept walking and then noticed looks of sympathy and frowns from passers-by. You wonder why? And all of sudden you cannot help but notice an awful stench following you.

You look down, and to your horror, it is the infamous mushy dog poop smudged on the sides and bottom of your favorite shoe – I know, I have been there; it’s the most painful sight.

Unfortunately, at this point, you just do your best to get rid of as much of that disgusting blob off your shoes and carry on with you stroll to your destination.

However, the paranoia of the awful dog pop remains in the treads of your shoes is quite unresting, as you can smell it and cannot wait to get home and do something about this predicament.

Ways to Eliminate Dog poop odor from your Shoe

We all know, no matter how much we have wiped our shoes on the grass in the park, the pavement, or with a paper wipe, the smell is too stubborn to disappear.

So, how to get resolve this lingering issue? To begin with, you will have to get rid of the dog poop completely. We all know dog poop is annoyingly sticky to be completely removed, so this may require true grit on your part to eliminate the culprit responsible for the sickening smell.

Shoe Cleaning

Although a bit of a hectic task, it is not impossible. Just make sure that you have the necessary arsenal: a spare toothbrush, 1 large plastic bag, a bowl or spray water full of soapy water, and the star of the moment, yes! “The poopy shoe.”

Freeze It

Take a large plastic bag, ideally airtight (so you do not sacrifice your fridge to save the shoe). Place your affected shoe in the bag and place it in the freezer for a couple of hours or till the dog poop is fully frozen.

This will make the stubborn feces remaining stick out solid, allowing you to use a wooden skewer or a broken pen or pencil to chip the frozen traces off of the treads of your shoes.

Not only does it save an endless waste of paper towels, but also unnecessary elbow grease.

The Toothbrush and Soapy Water

Now, grab a toothbrush that is ready to be disposed of. Use it with soapy water to scrub the remaining bits off the shoes completely. The small bristles will really get the small traces out of the corners of the traces.

Just make sure that you scrap it carefully and away from yourself, as dog pop is known to cause all sorts of allergies and diseases in humans.

Let It Dry

Now that you are done with the cleaning regime, just flip your shoe upside down and leave it under the sunlight to dry. If your shoe is washable, you can toss it in the washing machine for a proper wash (this is optional).

The above steps will eliminate the odor as well.

The Lingering Stench

You have cleaned, washed, and dried your shoe, but it still stinks, maybe even more so. This may cause embarrassment in social or workplaces. It may have caused your dog to poop inside your shoe as well.

In these instances, you can apply additional measures to rectify the issue.

DIY Cleaning Mixture

Do not worry; you do not need to have a degree in Chemistry to concoct this one. All you need are household items from your kitchen: vinegar and water.

Use them both in a fifty-fifty ratio. Use half a cup of water with half a cup of vinegar and mix it well. You can use a spray bottle to pour the cleaning mixture. Spray it evenly on the infected areas of the shoe, even inside.

Now, scrub the mixture with a brush and let the shoe soak in it so the cleaning mixture can sink in deep for cleansing any traces of smell. Leave the shoe with the scrub mixture for a few minutes and then soak the excess moisture with a dry paper towel.

Pet Odor Remover

Do you know you can also buy a pet stain and odor remover off the shelf in a supermarket? They come in handy for such disasters, not only for shoes but also for carpets and other surfaces in your home.

It is easy to use as you just spray the pet odor remover on the affected area and let the enzymes do their work to cut into and eliminating odor-producing bacteria.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a popular household ingredient for many DIY purposes, and it comes to your rescue once again. Baking soda is known for its properties to absorb stinking odors. All you have to do is place your shoe into a plastic bag filled with baking soda.

Seal the bag as airtight as possible and leave it for a few hours. Take it out, dust away the traces of baking soda and your shoe is as if nothing ever happened.

Activated Charcoal

We all know activated charcoal is the most efficient choice for eliminating household odors. Just place your shoe next to a bag of activated charcoal. This should effectively make the odor disappear.

Watch Out

Although you now have a few tricks up your sleeve to tackle the dog poop debacle. However, Watch Your Step - if you happen to be in an area with dogs, especially the parks.

Not only for the sticky stench, but dog poop is also very harmful to humans, especially children. Do not forget to disinfect your hands and skin if you ever come in contact by accident.