December 28, 2019

How to comb a beard might seem like a silly question. This might sound surprising to you, but your beard needs proper combing each day.

If you have made through the difficult beard growing stages and endured itching and scratching phase, it is high time you learn how to maintain your thicker and fuller facial hair.

While using beard enhancing products improve hair growth, combing is the first step to achieve the desired facial hair look.

Let’s go through the details to help you comb your beard correctly and properly.

How to Comb a Beard - Benefits of Combing Beard

Making a beard look stylish and nice involves a lot of effort than just letting your facial hair grow. In addition, combing or brushing hair is one of the primary yet essential steps to achieve the look you want.

From maintaining your facial hair to making them look better, combing is undeniably mandatory. Every bearded man must begin his beard care regime with combing to help it grow and look smooth and attractive.

Before delving into the discussion of how you can comb your beard hair, let us overview some of the benefit, you get from combing your beard.

Keeps Beard Clean

This might sound bizarre to you, but just washing your beard is not enough to keep it clean. You need to comb your facial hair to keep it dirt free. Combing reduces the number of food particles from trapping into your facial hair. Remember that nothing looks uglier than a tiny food particle trapped into your beard.

Moisturizes the Beard

If you are fond of having a long, smooth, and silky beard, you might have been using grooming essentials like beard oil and beard cream. Moreover, when you use these beard grooming products, combing beard becomes even more important. It helps moisturize beard hair and keep underneath skin hydrated. When you apply moisturizers to your facial hair, comb them gently to distribute the products evenly.

Prevents Ingrown Hair

You might have seen little red round bumps on your cheeks and neck. These red spots are typically ingrown hairs of your beard. They often curl around and grow under the skin when their root breaks. Luckily combing can solve this problem. By combing beard daily in the right direction, the hair strengthens their ability to grow, and you can avoid these painful and unwanted ingrown hairs.

Improves Your Looks

If you want your beard to look fuller and neat, then combing it every day is essential. When you comb beard regularly, it helps facial hair grow in the right direction. That can make it look better.

How to Comb Your Hair

Combing beards in the right way might sound an easy process but it requires your time and effort. If you are one with a rookie look or have heavy facial hair growth, combing a beard may become a cumbersome task. One of the most challenging parts may be the conditioning process before combing. The thick beard needs deep conditioning to soften it and reduce frizz.

Moreover, the direction in which you comb your beard determines its growth direction. Remember that if you comb your beard in the right direction, there is no need to worry about hair damage. The hair will not tangle and acquire a softer and maintained look.

Removing tangles and snags is necessary from beard as they not affect the health of hair growth and damage them but also weaken comb’s teeth. Using beard balm and beard oil is a great way to prevent hair breakage during combing. It is worth noting that when you use conditioner on your facial hair, you need beard wax that can hold the beard in place. Skipping this step may result in tangled and damaged hair. It happens because your beard (long ones) rubs against the neck or chest. With beard wax, you can avoid this.

Steps to Comb a Beard

  • Step 1

Step one is all about choosing the right type of comb for your beard. Comb with smaller thin, or small teeth, can stick in snags in your hair. However, choosing the wider toothcomb will easily glide through the beard without damaging them.

Moreover, choosing the right type of comb material is also essential to avoid snags, static, and damages.

  • Step 2

To avoid hair breakage, you should always start combing your facial hair from the bottom. Gently come upward while combing hair. Begin this process from your neck and slowly work towards the chin and then cheeks.

Gently doing this, you can separate your facial hair to make your beard look fuller.

  • Step 3

Never try to pull or tug the snags in your beard when you comb it. Instead, slowly come through the tiny snags to detangle them. You can also use some beard oil to get through the snags. It moisturizes facial hair and can help comb slid through the beard easily.

  • Step 4

Once you have brushed the entire beard in an upward direction, begin combing it downwards. It will help you style your beard in your desired look.

  • Step 5

If you have mustache also, do not forget to comb its sides that meet beard.

  • Step 6

Know that beard hairs are more fragile than your head hair. That means combing them vigorously may result in hair damage. The right technique is to brush or comb them slowly and gently to avoid damage.

How to Get the Desired Look for Your Beard

No matter what type of hair genes you have, you can get the desired look of the beard by combing hair in the right manner. Combing is what brings your facial hair in shape and help you style them the way you want. If you avoid combing your beard, it will get unmanageable and frizzy.

To style your hair in a certain way, you need to comb your hair every day. However, using a high-quality beard comb is essential to make the most of your beard care regime. Only a good comb can work through tangles effortlessly and does not pull hairs out from the roots.

Bottom Line

Briefly, combing your beard is as important as your hair. It not only improves the looks of your beard but also helps it grow properly in the desired direction. In addition, it prevents ingrown hair and helps grooming products distribute evenly. However, to improve the combing results, you must know how to comb your facial hair. The given steps, in this regard, can help you take care of your beard hair and maintain your desired look.