July 20, 2018

Whether you enjoy yoga or not, foot care is important to the practice of yoga, which means yogis have a little something to say about how to care for those soles and digits. Eight out of ten Americans suffer from foot problems of some kind. Yoga practitioners are no different, but because of their lifestyle and relationship with yoga, many of them tend to their feet more than the average American. Here are some top foot care tips from yogis and yoga practitioners that can help anyone looking for useful advice and attention for their feet.

Tip 1: Use Pineapple Juice To Soften Calluses

You don’t even need fresh pineapple for this trick. Grab some canned pineapple. Use the fruit in a smoothie. Then soak your feet in the juice for 10 minutes once per week. Pineapple contains bromelain, which is a natural enzyme that softens calluses and rough, uneven foot pads.

Tip 2: Use A Wet Pumice Stone For Calluses

foot care advice from yogis palm beach naturals foot senseNot everyone uses a pumice stone, but you have to use something to help rub away calluses and dead skin. Otherwise, the build-up will just continue. And a build-up of dead skin and calluses reshapes the foot over time, making it fit into shoes differently and throwing off our weight. It may seem like a slight change, but it becomes a big deal when the tiny muscles and tendons in our feet have to adjust for this, on top of carrying our bodies around. Plus, dead skin is the perfect organic material for bacteria and fungus to feed on - the same bacteria and fungus that cause foot odor. Take away their food source, and you remove the likelihood of foot odor.

Tip 3: Bring Your Own Mat And Equipment

foot care advice from yogis palm beach naturals foot senseIt makes sense that we wipe down gym equipment and wash out socks after each use. This helps to prevent the build-up of bacteria and oils that can cause odors, rashes, and other infections. However, many of us just use the yoga mat provided at our favorite classes, rather than bringing our own. The problem is, those mats don’t get cleaned as much as they should, and they have had too many bare feet on them. That means we’re getting exposure to all kinds of things we don’t want on our bodies. Bring your own mat and clean it with witch hazel or another gentle, but powerful cleanser after each use.

Tip 4: Use A Black Tea Bath To Avoid Foot Odor

Brew two black tea bags in a pint of boiled water for 15 minutes. Add cool water to bring it closer to room temperature. Then soak your feet for 20-30 minutes. The tannic acid in brewed tea will change the pH level to give you more stick on your mat and to help prevent unwanted bacteria that causes odor. Do this anytime within 12-hours prior to your yoga class. Or do this before bed to help your feet fight unwanted bacteria.

Tip 5: Use  FOOT SENSE On Your Equipment And Feet

There are many powders and creams out there that might help some people with foot odor, but they aren’t all formulated to be tough on odor and gentle to our feet. Some have harsh chemicals. Others leave our feet dry and cracked, which just continues the foot odor cycle by leaving our feet primed for fungus. And there are many more that just aren’t strong enough.  FOOT SENSE is an all-natural formula that neutralizes odors and prevents bacteria from taking hold. Use it on shoes, socks, feet, gym bags, equipment, and your yoga mat.

Tip 6: Moisturize To Keep That Skin Soft, Supple, & Healthy

Foot care advice from yogis palm beach naturals foot senseHealthy skin is really the key to avoiding foot odor. That, and clean socks, shoes, and equipment. We wash and use powder, but because moisture often leads to foot odor, many people skip moisturizing. The problem is, this just leads to more problems. Skin can become dry and attract odor-causing bacteria. Instead, use moisturizer at night that contains bacteria-killing ingredients. Geranium oil and tea tree oil both have germ- and bacteria killing elements. You can add them to existing creams and lotions or find formulas that already contain them. You don’t want to leave your feet oily, just moisturized. It should absorb so your feet are dry (free-from excess moisture) and supple within a few minutes. And remember to get between your toes up with built-up dead, dry skin.