March 27, 2018

Everyone craves a lustrous, healthy, well-groomed beard, but there are plenty of ways it can end up looking unsightly. Flakes in your facial hair and related dandruff on your shirt is just one of the annoying ways a beard can cause trouble.

The thing is, flakes in your beard can be the result of more serious problems. Here are a few causes of and solutions for a flake-free beard.

Flakes-in-Beard-BEARD-SENSE-Palm-Beach NaturalsDry skin is the leading cause of flakes in your beard.

The most common cause of beard flakes is dry skin. It doesn’t seem to matter whether beard wearers have naturally oily or dry skin. Everyone is at risk of developing dry, flaky skin under their beard.

For some, it’s just a little itchy annoyance. For others, it can be a plague of unsightly flakes and dandruff left on your clothing and everyone you hug. While this is frustrating, it’s easily fixed and can be prevented from returning.

Using a facial scrub twice a week can help to exfoliate skin and keep your face fresh and clean. It can also keep your pores from clogging, which means hair can grow in thick and healthy.

Regular moisturizing is an easy fix, but not all moisturizers are also good for beard hair. The wrong one can actually dry out the hair, leaving it brittle and dull. Or it can leave beard looking and feeling oily.

Applying an oil that is specially formulated to rejuvenate and balance skin while keeping beard hair looking healthy and shiny is the best choice. BEARD SENSE is an all-natural formula of oils that are specially selected for their ability to keep beards clean, healthy, and moisturized without leaving you feeling greasy or weighed down.

Flakes-in-Beard-BEARD-SENSE-Palm-Beach NaturalsFungal infections also cause flakes in beards.

The body naturally produces yeast. Under the right conditions, yeast can grow out of control. Fungal infections like this can be irritating and difficult to treat. This condition likes dark places, so a thick, bushy beard where the light don’t shine can often end up being a breeding ground for some skin infections.

Keeping the area clean is rule number one. A gentle soap that foams is a good choice. It definitely doesn’t need to be abrasive. The suds will ensure soap and water are carried deep into your beard and to the skin. Just be sure to thoroughly rinse.

There are medicated creams and gels you may want to try after each wash. Use an over-the-counter or prescription application of something that is designed to treat fungal infections.

An all-natural oil like BEARD SENSE that contains natural antibacterial properties, like jojoba seed oil, can help to moisturize without leaving your beard greasy or retaining necessary moisture.

Flakes-in-Beard-BEARD-SENSE-Palm-Beach NaturalsMedical conditions can lead to flakes in beards.

Finally, there are some medical conditions that could be underlying the flaky beard symptom and other skin problems. Rosacea, psoriasis, and eczema are common skin problems that require a combination of changes like medicated topicals, diet, and lifestyle. There are also conditions that can lead to skin irritation and troubles, like diabetes.

Each of these can cause minor symptoms or grow out of control. Luckily, with the help of a doctor, these conditions can be treated and controlled. Diagnosis the first and most important step. If you’ve been using a medication that isn’t working or stopped working, let your doctor know. It’s probably time to try something new.

Flake-free beards are happy, healthy beards.

If you’re experiencing flakes and dandruff in and around your beard, the good news is, it’s treatable! In most cases, relief is just a few days away. In some cases, a trip to the doctor may be called for, but solutions and remedies are within your reach.

Flakes-in-Beard-BEARD-SENSE-Palm-Beach NaturalsIn all cases, once medications have done their job, a good sudsy wash, twice weekly scrubs, and the right non-greasy beard oil, like BEARD SENSE, is all it takes to maintain a shiny, attractive beard.