October 03, 2019

Fitness trends come and go but wanting to look our best will always be a constant. How we view fitness has always influenced how we approach our workouts, and vice versa. And over the past decades, numerous fitness fads have laid their claim to fame before fizzling into the past. Other fitness trends have managed to evolve with the times and have undergone reinvention. Let’s take a journey through the decades, from the ‘90s to the present. You’ll learn about the most popular fitness trends that have failed the test of time, and those that have survived.

Fitness Trends Through the Decades Part 2 | Palm Beach Naturals

The 1990s saw a close fight between Tae Bo and Spinning. 

These two ‘90s fitness trends are at opposite ends of the spectrum, and each had a huge following. Tae Bo was created by Karate Master Billy Banks, and is a form of high-intensity cardio exercise that mixes martial arts techniques, boxing, dancing, and hip-hop music. With hip-hop music being a ‘90s trademark, Tae Bo became an instant hit. Tae Bo is still being practiced today in its original form.   

Spinning was the brainchild of cyclist and personal trainer Johnny Goldberg, whose near-death experience while riding his bike gave him the idea to turn cycling into an indoor activity. The spinning revolution was kicked into high gear in the ‘90s, and eventually gave birth to Soul Cycle - which simply added upbeat music to the exercise. These days, one can join a spinning class in almost any gym. 

The 2000s brought us Zumba dancing and CrossFitting. 

Dance-inspired workouts have an enduring quality that they owe to people’s affinity to music and dancing. Many such workouts are adaptations of several dance styles, and in the 2000s, Latin music was the beat to harmonize the body with while working out. Zumba is a mix of salsa, flamenco, tango, and bachata, danced to upbeat Latin or pop music. To this day, Zumba classes are still popular all over the world, and are held not only in gyms but also outdoors. 

CrossFit was conceived by gymnast Greg Glassman, and incorporates multiple types of sports and exercises, namely: gymnastics, calisthenics, weightlifting, and pullups. This high-intensity fitness trend aims to train the whole body by conquering different workout obstacles. The sport, unfortunately, also has a high injury rate. Nevertheless, it still spawned thousands of CrossFit gyms and trainers throughout the U.S., as well as CrossFit-inspired athletic competitions.

Fitness Trends Through the Decades Part 2 | Palm Beach Naturals

The 2010s challenged our flexibility with Pilates and cardio striptease. 

Pilates was derived from yoga, but focuses more on strengthening the core muscles as it also improves flexibility. This full-body workout became, and still is, popular among Hollywood celebrities and has earned an “elite” standing in the fitness industry. The core principles of Pilates make it an ideal workout routine for those who want to remain fit and healthy into old age. 

Cardio striptease was created by Jeff Costa, a celebrity trainer, in the early 2000s, and was made popular by Carmen Electra’s Aerobic Striptease commercials. The workout is simply a sexy form of aerobics. It eventually gave birth to pole dancing, which quickly gained a following among women who wanted to feel sexy while working to be sexy. 

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Fitness trends that deliver lasting results outlast all others, and only those who can commit to the hard work can understand the value of “no pain, no gain.” Throw in a bit of fun and excitement, and you have another winner.