June 13, 2019

Tea is enjoyed by people in every country, and on all continents around the world. It surpasses differences like religion, culture, ethnicity, and more. There are hundreds of varieties and probably just as many reasons to drink tea. When the everyday athlete decides to combine tea with their protein shake, what will the effects be on their overall fitness plan, and their ability to absorb nutrients and vitamins? Luckily, there has been an increasing number of studies on the matter. 

For one thing, we know thatLEAN SENSE all-natural whey protein powder is the best way for the everyday athlete to get the vitamins and nutrients they need to stay healthy and active, year-round. It’s the first and only all-natural protein supplement formulated for the everyday athlete with the finest quality whey protein, natural probiotics, and natural digestive enzymes.

Tea And Protein Shakes? Learn About This Combo! | Palm Beach Naturals

Tea And Weight Loss:

Teas of all kinds have naturally occurring high levels of health-promoting phytonutrients, plant-based chemicals, called flavonoids. They’re known to help decrease inflammation and are well known for benefits like the prevention of heart disease and diabetes. 

By itself, tea isn’t known for getting people into their beach-ready summer body, but research suggests it can indeed help you lose weight. In fact, those who replace their fancy morning latte with tea and lemon are already shaving 300 calories or more off their daily diet routine. 

Those flavonoids we mentioned? They help boost your metabolism and can help the body break down fats more efficiently. For those who are drinking tea with caffeine, you’re getting a double whammy because you’re boosting your energy, which will burn more calories, and you’re breaking down more fats. 

Studies have also suggested that drinking tea after weight loss can actually help you keep the weight off. Everyone experiences a metabolism slowdown after losing a few pounds, but drinking tea can help to prevent and counteract that slowdown. 

The idea that low-glycemic diets and the incorporation of tea, together with a high-protein meal replacement shake, will assist with weight loss and improve lipid profiles is also heavily supported by thedata in these studies.

Tea And Protein Shakes? Learn About This Combo! | Palm Beach Naturals

Tea & Vitamin Absorption

While tea is wonderful for many reasons, it does have one notable setback. It may inhibit iron absorption. Tea contains tannins and oxalates. They are naturally occurring compounds that inhibit iron absorption. In fact, they inhibit non-heme iron, which is the kind found in plant foods. Heme iron is the kind found in meat and animal-based foods, such as dairy. 

So, for those who are vegetarians or who primarily eat a plant-based diet, and who drink a great deal of tea, you may find it difficult to keep your iron levels in the safe zone. 

The good news is that by replacing one meal a day withLEAN SENSE all-natural whey protein powder, you’ll be getting the kind of iron you need from the whey protein. That means your iron will remain well-managed without having to cut back on tea or eat more meat. 

Plus, those who combine tea with their protein shakes, will see other benefits, such as a boost in their metabolism and an easier time managing their weight when others typically see a metabolism slowdown and gain the weight back.