October 24, 2019

Whether or not you prefer a curly beard, maintaining it is trickier than maintaining a straight beard. And whether you’re going for a naturally rugged look or a polished one, a curly beard can work for you or against you. Here’s how you should take care of those facial curls to achieve whatever look you desire. 

Curly Beard Problems

On top of your head or growing out of your jaw and chin, curly hair is hard to tame. For men, the solution can be as simple as cutting it short. But if you want to grow a full beard that curls, you will have to commit to it, because even something as simple as combing it can be a real challenge - a literal fight between your comb and your tangled curls.  


Because curly facial hair, well, curl when it grows, it takes longer for it to grow to the length you want. And the longer it grows, the more tangles and knots you have to deal with; the same problem of proportional increase is the same, the thicker and coarser the beard. The hair gets tangled and knotted because each strand grows in a spiral so that strands often end up intertwined the longer they become.


When the curly beard is full of tangles and knots, applying beard oil evenly becomes a hard task. And when you try too hard to remove the tangles with a brush, you will end up damaging the strands. Of course, the less you are able to groom your curly beard, the rougher it’ll look, the drier it’ll get, and the more likely it’ll develop split ends.  


A curly beard also transfers more dirt and germs to your skin because the hairs are closer to it. This is why men with curly beards are also more prone to blackheads, pimples, and acne, as well as flaky and itchy skin. 

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How to Deal with Curly Beard Problems

A curly beard will give you a naturally thicker and more luxurious look - but only if you are able to keep it under control. Otherwise, it will just look like a messy mass and take a lot of points off your manliness and attractiveness. 


  • Stay away from fine-toothed combs; use a detangling brush instead. Wet your beard with water before brushing it to make it easier for the teeth to separate, arrange, and shape the hair the way you want to. Wet hair will also offer less resistance when you try to untangle it.  

  • Beard oil, balm, and shampoo products are your best friend. They will help make your tangled and curly mess of a beard more manageable. Additionally, these products contain vitamins and minerals that will keep your beard and the skin underneath nourished and healthy. Opt for products that only use natural ingredients. 

  • Regularly trim your beard. This will help maintain its desired shape and fullness, as well as minimize problems such as tangling, split ends, and dry and brittle strands. Needless to say, a regularly trimmed beard will always make you look neat and more attractive. 

  • Be patient and wait it out. The longer you grow your beard, and the more regularly you maintain it with oiling, brushing, and trimming, the more it will get less tangled as time passes. Eventually, the curls will be minimized, and your beard will achieve a soft and luxurious texture and retain its desired shape. You may be tempted to keep cutting it short because untangling the curls every day is too much work, but you must resist the urge. Your patience will pay off. 


Growing a curly beard can be a challenge at first, but once you develop proper grooming habits - regular brushing, product application, and trimming - the majestic result will be worth all the effort. Over time, maintaining your curly beard won’t even feel like a chore. Your early morning beard-grooming routine will become a self-pampering ritual you’ll enjoy. And why wouldn’t you? You’ll feel great because you know you look great!