December 17, 2018

Not everyone realizes there are alternatives to cane sugar and other dangerous sweeteners. There are several types of sugars out there and Coconut Palm Sugar is one with plenty to offer. It’s low on the glycemic index, contains vitamins and essential amino acids, and is the sweet, high-quality choice Palm Beach Naturals has used to sweeten their protein powder.  LEAN SENSE is the only all-natural, low-carb whey protein designed specifically with the everyday athlete in mind.

Coconut Palm Sugar Is A Sweet Choice For The Everyday Athlete | Palm Beach Naturals

Coconut palm sugar: what is its and how beneficial?

Also referred to as coconut sugar and coconut crystals, coconut palm sugar is the end product of heating coconut flower sap until all the moisture has evaporated leaving a golden brown residue. Coconut Palm Sugar is a high-quality refined sugar alternative without the risk of dementia and other health problems that sweeteners create. It’s more popular in Southeast Asian cuisine and is gaining  popularity in the U.S. for it’s healthy sweet flavor.

Nutritional information in one tablespoonful of coconut palm sugar.

Calories 45 kCal

Carbs 12 grams

Sugar 12 grams

Fiber 0

Fat 0

What do these figures mean for the human body?

Although coconut sugar has similar nutritional value to white cane sugar, the biggest  difference between the two is reflected in the benefits of coconut palm sugar.

The nectar used for coconut palm sugar contains up to seventeen amino acids, vitamin C, Vitamins B1, B2, B3, and B6, not excluding minerals such as potassium, magnesium, zinc, and iron. It also contains inulin, a prebiotic fiber that feeds the intestinal flora and boosts immunity and digestive health. Other benefits of coconut palm sugar are choline, thiamine, folic acid, and riboflavin. So, it’s kind of a powerhouse sugar alternative.

Coconut sugar has a lower glycemic index, at about 35, when compared with white cane sugar because of its slow energy release, which helps to maintain the body through daily activities without fluctuating sugar levels. This means coconut sugar will not raise your blood pressure the way white cane sugar and other forms of sugar with high Glycemic Index value.

Coconut Palm Sugar Is A Sweet Choice For The Everyday Athlete | Palm Beach Naturals

The benefit of coconut palm sugar to athletes

Athletes are always trying to balance their nutritional intake, including minimizing sugar. And while there are plenty of sweeteners out there, they come with pretty severe risks. Whether you are working on your New Year’s fitness resolutions or you’re working on ongoing health and fitness goals that keep you going to the gym everyday, choosing coconut palm sugar is one of those many incremental steps that add up to great nutrition.  

Taking food supplements in which coconut palm sugar has been used as a substitute for sugar is just one of the many ways in which you can keep your sugar intake in check.

Athletes also benefit more from coconut palm sugar because of its low fructose content. You don’t need fructose because it’s not useful for muscles and can only be broken down by the liver. When the body is at rest, it converts to fat more rapidly. The only amount of fructose beneficial to athletes is those naturally occurring in fruits.

Coconut palm sugar contains all sixteen (16) amino acids present in coconuts. These amino acids are building blocks for protein, which is essential in cell repair and growth, and needs to be continuously replenished by athletes.

Sources of coconut palm sugar to athletes

With more attention being paid toward replacing white cane sugar and sweeteners with coconut palm sugar due to its vast benefits, athletes can now get their daily dose of sweet protein shakes, flavorful coffee, and saccharine meals.

Coconut Palm Sugar Is A Sweet Choice For The Everyday Athlete | Palm Beach NaturalsYou can get coconut palm sugar at your local neighborhood store. It can typically be found in the baking and health food shelves. If you’re looking for a protein powder to boost your nutrition plan that can act as a healthful meal replacement,LEANS SENSE is an all-natural, low-carb whey protein with probiotics and digestive enzymes. It’s the first and only protein supplement formulated for the everyday athlete.

Coconut palm sugar is a healthy sugar alternative for individuals with high risk of diabetes and for athletes who want to control their sugar intake without relying on dangerous sweeteners. You can pick some up at the market, but while you’re here, giveLEAN SENSE a try as you go-to all-natural meal replacement protein powder.