November 27, 2018

Coconut oil has more uses than we can count. As an ingredient inBEARD SENSE beard oil, it offers a variety of benefits in ways most people probably don’t realize. It’s a wonder for hair, nutritious as a food, and hydrating as a water option, but that’s just the obvious stuff. As a fruit, coconut differs from many other fruits with its positive effects on the human body.  Coconut is not just about its water or milky and chewy content. It has so many positive impacts on your health. Did you know that eating coconut and using any portion of it will make your body fit and stronger, and will consequently make you live a long life free from any diseases? Coconut is capable of killing disease-causing bacteria because of the antimicrobial effects of its fatty acid. And it boosts metabolism, giving you energy because it is burned as fuel rather than fat in the body. That brings us to coconut oil, which is an extract from this sublime body-friendly fruit.

Coconut oil is generally viewed as an excellent moisturizing agent, though not on the skin but in the hair. Using coconut oil as a beard moisturizer is a quick, easy, and natural way to moisturize your beard for a delightful, itch-free, well-conditioned beard. Coconut oil combines taste, excellent light scent, and great health benefits. Coconut oil can be found in all kinds of products like shampoos, shaving creams, beard balm recipes, and in the best beard oil.

Why is coconut oil needed for a beard anyway?

Coconut oil is essential in any natural products used to nourish your beard and make it as healthy as possible.

  • It prevents beard to suffer any form of dryness
  • It makes hair easy to manage
  • It keeps your beard soft
  • It makes your dry skin under beard well moisturized
  • It makes your hair grow faster.

Coconut oil impact in an all-natural beard oil

All-natural beard oil is environmentally friendly, body safe, and great for you. Some hair products contains artificial chemicals, which in many cases can cause sensitivity issues. Coconut oil contains vitamin E which will act as a skin cleanser, protectant, and a moisturizer that conditions without leaving your beard oily or difficult to manage.

All natural beard oil works with the hair follicle to promotes hair growth and consequently conditions the skin beneath the beard which prevents pores from being clogged. A natural ingredient like coconut oil works against sun damage and also fights against dry skin as well as bacterial infections by forming a protective barrier that seals in moisture without clogging pores. All-natural coconut oil is grown without using pesticides, fertilizers, or GMOs, so the oil won’t irritate your skin.

All range of moisturizers whether soaps, shampoos, waxes or beard care products that are made with all-natural ingredients offer a healthier way to maintain facial hair while leaving you with a fresh, natural scent that will last all day long. Using an all-natural beard oil likeBEARD SENSE with coconut oil will not only leave your skin moisturized and protected, it will also help to clean your beard without the use of artificial products that may be harmful to your beard, leaving you confident, healthy, and leaving the right impression with everyone you come face-to-face with.