March 20, 2018

We’ve all been there. Whether we were assaulted by the stink of someone else’s foot odor or were the unfortunate victims of our own odiferous dogs, everyone has had the embarrassing experience of smelly feet.

Causes of Smelly Feet

There is an actual medical term for smelly feet because there’s a name for everything, right? It’s calledbromodosis. It’s embarrassing and uncomfortable, but it can affect anyone. The number one cause? Sweaty feet.

Smelly-Feet-causes-solutions-Palm-Beach-NaturalsWe have sweat glands throughout our body, and they serve many purposes. They help us expel toxins, help keep our skin hydrated, and help us regulate body temperature, among other things. The sweat glands in our feet, however, work all the time, not just when we need our body temp regulated.

When we wear shoes and socks, or sometimes even when we don’t, we can end up with a build-up of bacteria as our sweat builds up and then decomposes. It’s the bacteria build-up that causes the smell - not you.

There are plenty of ways we can end up with sweat and bacteria build-up:

  • Wearing the same shoes or socks every day.
  • Hormone changes or stress.
  • Hyperhidrosis, which causes excessive sweat that can be tough to keep up with.
  • Poor personal hygiene.

Smelly Foot Prevention

There’s plenty we can do to help prevent foot odor as well as fix it once it’s taken hold.

Washing feet often is one of the most obvious. But that’s not always enough.

  • Getting regular pedicures can help.
  • Doing at-home scrub treatments can remove bacteria, especially from hard to reach places like between the toes.
  • Dry, cracked skin can trap moisture and bacteria, so a regular scrub, followed by an oil-free cleanser will be helpful.

Shoes and socks are also often the culprit.

  • As a rule, we shouldn’t wear the same shoes more than two days in a row.
  • We can avoid wearing socks more than one day in a row.
  • Remember to opt for wool socks, which are better than cotton, which is better than nylon.
  • Ultimately, shopping for athletic socks that have bacteria resistant fabric or wicking material are the best bet. Some sports socks are even vented to help moisture escape.
  • And we can use insoles or inserts that we replace every month.

There are deodorant sprays and powders. The best one on the market is Foot Sense. It’s an all natural foot and shoe powder that neutralizes odors naturally.

  • It eliminates foot and shoe odor.
  • It neutralizes smelly shoes and destroys and prevents bacteria.
  • It’s safe to use on fabrics, like socks, shoes, and other surfaces, like sports gear and equipment.
  • It’s podiatrist recommended, which means it is powerful but safe.
  • Foot Sense is formulated and made in the USA by people who understand the challenges of foot odor, and it’s various causes.  

If it seems like something that just can’t be eliminated with these simple steps, try consulting a medical professional. It could be a hormone issue, like an imbalance, pregnancy, stress, or a condition like Athlete’s Foot, or diabetes.

We all have to face the scourge of smelly feet from time to time. The great thing is, with a little diligence and care, there are fast acting solutions that can quickly eliminate the problem as fast as it showed up.