August 09, 2018


Men’s grooming has had its share of misunderstanding and stigma. It’s time to join the modern world and take personal care seriously, men. Skincare, haircare, anti-aging techniques, scent management, and more, men’s grooming is just as important as a handshake, a friendly smile, and building a great network.


Great skin begins with knowing what works for you. If you aren’t sure, schedule time with an esthetician. Yes, they have facials designed for men. Interested in adding anti-aging to your skincare? “Bro-tox,” or botox, laser hair removal, and other anti-aging treatments are perfectly acceptable for men. An esthetician will also be able to introduce you to quality products that take skincare beyond the drugstore aisle.

Not ready to jump into all that quite yet? Just make sure you have a cleanser that is right your skin, an exfoliant that will do the job without being too harsh, a moisturizer that will keep your skin balanced and protected from the elements, and wear sunscreen every day. Most people who get the importance of quality skincare will also adjust their regimen from season to season to counteract the effects of changing weather. Skincare for your body is important too. Use a moisturizing body wash in the shower. Then, apply some sort of moisture after the shower. Don’t forget to choose a deodorant that nourishes your skin while offering long-lasting dryness.

Build Your Men’s Grooming Kit And Regimen | Palm Beach NaturalsSpeaking of dryness, even though you need to chase the right kind of moisture for your face, hair, and body, you’ll want to make sure you stay dry in the right places. Just like you need a deodorant that will combat sweat and body odor, you need a strong, all-natural formula that will keep your feet healthy and dry.FOOT SENSE Therapy Cream is an all-natural cream that hydrates, softens, repairs, and protects dry, cracked skin. Apply it every evening after your shower, before bed. Every morning, applyFOOT SENSE Foot and Shoe Powder to your feet to keep them dry and free from odor-causing bacteria.


There’s a learning curve to haircare. Having a routine is essential. Beyond getting hair cut regularly and choosing a shampoo that will keep hair strong and healthy, too many men choose the wrong products. Oily and greasy formulas are readily available because they’re easy and inexpensive to make. But whether it’s your head hair or beard hair, finding something that will moisturize without leaving a residue can be challenging.

Beard hair is particularly overlooked. It’s a little different from had hair and requires its own regimen. Keep an electric beard trimmer available for the hairline at the back of the neck, beard-line, and sideburns. Trimming scissors are an essential tools for runaway hairs, mustache, nose hairs, and general maintenance. And don’t forget the beard oil! Whether you’ve got a big bushy mountain man look to maintain, or a perfectly scaped stubble, choose a beard oil that will balance your skin while moisturizing and strengthening your hair. Plus, every man needs a signature scent. The right beard oil can leave you smelling fresh instead of a stifling cologne that can leave everyone around you feeling like they need to escape your presence just to breathe.

Build Your Men’s Grooming Kit And Regimen | Palm Beach NaturalsFor beard oil that’s formulated to benefit beard hair, quality skincare, and will keep you attractive to those around you, try Palm Beach Naturals’BEARD OIL with all-natural, premium ingredients that eliminate dandruff, revitalize and condition beard hair, while offering just enough control for gentle styling. Plus, choose from two scents.Clearwater is a light, crisp minty aroma with a slight afternote of coconut.Osceola features light citrus and finishes with coconut. Either scent will be refreshing and clean, rather than stifling.

Every man needs a grooming kit and routine. Skincare and haircare basics are as much a necessity of everyday life as eating and sleeping. It leaves those around you with a great impression and opens new doors and opportunities. More important than appearance and impressions, a great regimen with the right tools and products leaves you feeling great and staying healthy.