July 10, 2018

Beard care is part of your hygiene routine, just like anything else. That means we get questions about styling and grooming. Blow drying beards is a less common topic, but an important one worth exploring. Learn more about blow drying beards and whether it’s right for you.

Should you blow dry your beard? Pros and Cons:

There are many types of beards. More importantly, there are many types of hair. For some, a little moisture with a dab ofBEARD SENSE beard oil, and a quick comb-through is all that may be needed. For others, beards are unruly and hard to maintain. This may mean more heavy duty styling products are involved, and may even mean your beard is kept longer or shorter than you would like, just to keep your beard manageable.

Either way, there has beenat least one study that shows blow drying your beard, when done correctly, can actually keep your beard healthier and easier to manage. When you air-dry your beard, the hair follicles will swell with water. This added water puts pressure on the proteins that bind your hair together. Those proteins are delicate, so this added pressure causes damage. Ultimately, over time, it can weaken hair and leave it prone to breakage.

Blow drying is especially useful for those unruly beards, but it can be useful for anyone. If you have curly hair and you want it to look straight, but without the weight and sticky, oily texture of applying products to get it to do what you want, blow drying is the answer. For everyone else, it’s just a fast way to make our beards light, healthy, and give them that finished, well-groomed look.

How should you blow dry your beard? Step-by-step:

At this point, you’ve decided to add a blow dryer to your grooming tools line-up and all that’s left is to make sure you use the right settings, so you don’t do any damage. The two best practices to remember are to avoid the heat setting, and keep the blow dryer at a good distance from your beard. Heat does damage by weakening proteins and drying out your hair by stripping it of your natural oils.

Step One:

Wash, rinse, and pat dry your beard. Don’t towel dry your beard. Just pat it dry so it isn’t dripping weight. Then wait until it’s about 70% dry before using the blow dryer. This gives your beard and skin time to rebalance and utilize some of the moisture before you blow it away.

Step Two:

ApplyBEARD SENSE beard oil. It’s formulated to add all-natural nutrients and moisture to your skin and beard, without leaving you feeling oily or sticky. Brush your beard in the direction you want it styled to distribute the oil more evenly and ready your hair for styling.

Step Three:

Turn the blow dryer on the cool setting. Hold it 6-9 inches from your beard. Direct the air to follow your brush or comb as you continue to comb your hair in the direction you want it to dry. Following your comb means any heat making its way toward your beard will help distribute the heat. And it will help train your beard hair in the direction you comb, rather than just fluffing it and making your beard look wild and untamed.

Step Four:

Once your beard is dry, use the cool-shot button to add a cool blast and cool your beard prior to turning the blow dryer off. Not all blow dryers have this option, so check before you make a purchase. The cool air helps the hydrogen bonds in your hair to harden and hold the style better for longer.

Step Five:

If you apply any additional styling products, this is the time. Or simply add a touch ofBEARD SENSE beard oil to keep the moisture intact and leave you feeling and smelling fresh all day.