January 13, 2020

Your socks cover your feet, protect them from abrasion against the inside of the shoes, and absorb sweat. It's a good idea to know which are the best socks for sweaty feet, especially if you tend to need it more than others. 

It is worth mentioning that not all socks are of the same type, and not everyone wears them for the same reason. And if you have sweaty feet, it becomes extremely important to buy the socks than not only make you feel comfortable but also keep your feet dry for the long hours.

If you often face the problem of sweaty feet, reading this article may help you choose the right pair of socks for your sweaty feet.

Before delving into the discussion about the right socks, let’s find out the underlying reason for your sweaty feet.

Best socks for sweaty feet - Why Do Feet Sweat?

Sweaty feet are one of the common issues many people face. Minor sweating does not cause any serious problem, but if you have the problem of excessive sweating, it may indicate the symptoms of a medical condition called “hyperhidrosis.”

According to the recent survey of the International Hyperhidrosis Society, approximately 5% of people in the world suffer from this medical condition. People with excessive sweating find it hard to keep their feet dry the whole day.

They have over-stimulated sweat glands that continue to excrete excessive quantity of sweat that not only become uncomfortable but also embarrassing for people sometimes.

How Socks Help Sweaty Feet

As mentioned above, sweaty feet are not uncommon. Many people try out a fair share of absorbents, powders, and even deodorants to avoid the problem. However, a few of them think about the material they put in their feet every day.

That is to say; not all fabrics have the same effect on the feet when it is about keeping them fresh and dry. Many synthetic fabrics are not good enough at wicking away sweat or moisture. These socks fabric trap the moisture and may lead to infections.

When you choose the right fabric, such as socks made of natural material like bamboo and cotton because they are breathable, they not only wick sweat but also allow the right amount of air to flow.

A bulk of evidence shows that natural materials are antibacterial and can help people slow the bacteria growth that causes odor and infection.

Thanks to some famous brands that design socks using synthetic fibers and infuse them with antibacterial compounds. Let’s find out some of the best socks to help you keep feet sweating at bay.

Best Socks for Sweaty Feet

Cool max Fibers

best socks for sweaty feet - coolmaxCoolmax fibers are the type of socks that use synthetic fabric, such as polyester. These fibers are the major component many giant brands such as Puma, Rebook, and Nike include in their socks.

These brands generally mix Coolmax with other materials like cotton, nylon, wool, and spandex. It is because Coolmax fibers have a quality to take off the perspiration of the feet. The fiber conveniently transfers moisture to its surrounding fabric for quick absorption.

Coolmax fibers typically are not good at absorbing water. However, they make absorption comparatively easier because of their hydrophobic nature. 

They can remove water from your feet through capillary action. They also transfer moisture to the outer layer of the fabric, keeping your feet dry and comfy. Because of the polyester fabric, the Coolmax fiber socks get dry quickly. Plus, the fibers are durable, and the microbial properties of these socks discourage bacteria growth.

Olefin Fibers

best socks for sweaty feet - light fabricIt is another great choice for the material of your socks to deal with the problem of sweaty feet. Like Coolmax, Olefin is also a synthetic fiber and includes chemical polyethylene.

These fibers are not only tough but also have some excellent properties of stain resistance and drying. The fibers are large and cover the large area of your socks that makes them effective insulators.

Olefin fibers can easily wick sweat away from the feet relatively faster than other fabric.

They repel moisture away and capture it in the outer layer of the fabric. The microbial properties of Olefin fibers not only prevent the growth of bacteria but also combat foot fungus and odor.

No-Show Socks with Antibacterial Copper

best socks for sweaty feet - no showAs the name implied, these pair of socks are thin and does not make you feel that you are wearing something in feet.

These no-show socks are an ideal choice if you want something that covers your feet and keeps your feet feel light and free. Made of extremely breathable material, the socks are all raging as they combat bacterial growth.

The antibacterial copper has some great properties to absorb moisture and keep feet dry and comfortable. The socks have a non-slip bottom and cotton construction that keep feet comfy.

Heavy-Duty Woolen Socks

best socks for sweaty feet - woolThe socks are suitable if you live in the cold region as they contain Marino wool. These are smart wool crew socks wick moisture, breathe easily, and provide good resistance from odor-causing bacteria.

This is not the only quality that sets it apart from other types of socks. Heavy-duty woolen socks are super comfortable and warm if you are a hiker and fond of winter excursions. Your feet will not feel sweaty and will not ache even if you wear them for 12 - hours.

Bonus: the oh-so-comfortable cushioning can last forever and is great when it comes to balancing the temperature of the feet.

Merino Wool Socks for All Seasons

best socks for sweaty feet - marino woolWhile wool may seem counter-intuitive for its heat, maintaining qualities, the socks are excellent at decreasing the amount of sweat that the fabric traps. Moreover, the multisport socks are super soft and completely itch-free as they use some amazing knitting techniques to reduce chaffing and blisters.

That means using the in both winters and summers reduce dampness and sweat.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, sweaty feet are a constant problem for people regardless of their good hygienic practice.  

If you do not select the right type of material for your socks, they can give you a hard time throughout the day. The given materials make a wonderful choice for the socks to keep your feet dry, comfy, and fresh.

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