March 21, 2019

Many of you know just how amazing protein shakes can be for an energetic workout, muscle building, and faster recovery. Not everyone, however, realizes that protein shakes are just as valuable for women as they are for men. There are some myths out there about the effects of protein shakes, and how they might be better suited for men than for women, but today we’re busting those myths with a few unexpected results that both men and women can enjoy.

Unexpected Benefits of Protein Shakes

InPart One andPart Two, we discussed the purpose of protein shakes, like better weight management, muscle strength and health, as well as daily fuel and nutrition. Now, let’s cover some of the unexpected benefits people don’t always realize they’re getting when they commit to adding protein shakes to their everyday health regimen.

Immunity Booster. We think about the immediate benefits to our muscles when we think about protein, but of course, working out and nutrition are just part of what we need to be healthy. We also need healthy immune systems to fight disease, illness, and infection. Well, the antibodies that help us fend off and destroy those pesky bacteria and viruses are actually made of protein. Since you need protein to build protein, you are helping your immune system to get stronger when you use protein shakes as a snack and daily meal replacement. Plus, the protein-rich foods you eat, and LEAN SENSE all-natural, low-carb whey protein with probiotics and digestive enzymes are packed with immune-boosting nutrients like zinc and magnesium.

Better Bone Density. Ladies are often particularly concerned with bone density. This is especially important for women who have a genetic predisposition for osteoporosis. As men and women age, you start to lose bone mass. Both calcium and protein are crucial for bone health. Whey protein can help your body maintain the minimum recommended daily allowance for calcium and protein, so your bones stay strong and healthy.

Lower Blood Pressure. Yup! Even though exercise can help you manage high blood pressure, protein is also a factor. There are an increasing number ofstudies linking protein to the reduction of blood pressure. This is especially true of plant protein, so while a protein shake is advised, we also recommend adding dark, leafy greens to sweeten your meal replacement, bulk up in vitamins, and to ensure there’s a great balance between whey protein and veggie protein.

Better Sleep. So many Americans suffer from poor sleep habits that the pharmaceutical industry is making some serious bucks. But we can keep ourselves off the meds and energized during the day, rather than at night, with a high-protein diet. As a side-note, protein can make people feel a little more antsy at night, so keep the protein intake limited to earlier in the day. Reserve avocados and other low sugar fruits and veggies for those evening snacks.

Better Brain Function and a Longer Life. Our brains are like muscles, too! They need fuel and workouts just like any other muscle. Proteins help your brain create the chemicals it needs for basic functions like cognition, energy, hunger, and feeling awake at the right times. Protein supports all of this by bringing us B12 vitamins and omega-3 fats. Plus, our brain and life span benefit from amino acids. Protein checks all the boxes. Not to mention, all of the above benefits, like lean muscle mass, low blood pressure, and an active brain are key to a long and healthy life.