July 25, 2018

In the world of aromatherapy, orange oil is a staple for those who want to create a bright, uplifting ambiance. It’s also used to invigorate energy in an environment. In  BEARD SENSE beard oil, it’s used for its aromatherapy benefits as well as many other properties. Find out more about sweet orange oil and why it makes the perfect formula additive in beard oil.

The scent of oranges is nearly universally agreed upon for its association with joy, sunlight, and nourishment. It invokes a sense of vibrancy and attracts those who enjoy Spring and Summer. Its scientific name isCitrus sinensis, and the oil is extracted from the peels of oranges.

Historically, orange peels have been a significant part of Chinese Medicine. It has been used for a broad range of ailments as well as believed to bring good luck. In the 16th century, the orange tree was transported west by Portuguese explorers. As a modern-day product, it’s been widely integrated into skin care, cleaning products, gardening, food, and more. It’s used for its positive influence on mental and emotional states because it is uplifting as well as relaxing.

When applied to the body, the wearer benefits from the aromatherapy properties, such as the universally appealing aroma and the uplifting effects on mental and emotional states. The wearer also benefits from the topical benefits, such as detoxification. This is an excellent addition to our  BEARD SENSE beard oil because contact with the skin will help to keep the area clean and moisturized without being overly astringent. In fact, it supports clear skin and acts as a grease cutter and cleansing agent. In addition, wherever there is a cut or abrasion, there is always a chance the wound can become infected. Orange oil can inhibit microbial growth and disinfect the area.

When sweet orange oil is combined with grapefruit oil, it becomes a formula with the highest percentage of limonene available. Limonene is a natural compound being studied for its chemopreventive effects, meaning it supports cancer treatments. One study, in particular, found that patients in Japan used the oil, which subsequently reduced the necessary dosage for depression treatments.

So, with all this, you now know that sweet orange oil is an essential ingredient in  BEARD SENSE all-natural beard oil. It’s an essential ingredient in a formula designed for your health, your hair, and your skin. The oil is lightweight and leaves beards feeling moisturized without an oily or sticky residue.

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