June 06, 2019

Beards have to face a wide array of bad press from time to time. There are people who want to tarnish the good beard and seek to destroy the reputation of good men. From claiming men who wear beards just want to conceal their identity to slanderous accusations that beards are dirty and so are the men who wear them, we’ve seen our fair share of beard gossip. Learn the fuzzy facts about beards and let’s bust some of these beard myths.

Beard Myth #1

Myth: Growing a beard just isn’t in my genes.

Truth: There’s a reason that a beard is s sign of patience and commitment. It takes time and know-how. Most men don’t give it enough time. It can take three months to a year to grow a great beard. For those who have a hard time getting their beard to fill in, there are skincare routines, nutrition, and more that you can do to get your beard to grow more full and robust. It does mean it will take a bit longer, but it is possible.

Beard Myths And Fuzz Facts | Palm Beach Naturals

Beard Myth #2

Myth: Shaving makes a beard grow in thicker.   

Truth: Shaving is counterproductive for those who want to grow a full, healthy beard. This misconception comes from the illusion that shaving with a razor creates. When we shave with a razor, the exposed part of the hair follicle that we see is the thickest part of the hair follicle, leading to the illusion that a physiological change has taken place and the density or growth rate has changed. This myth has been thoroughly debunked by science.

Beard Myth #3

Myth: My beard hair is wiry and curly. These types of beards aren’t considered attractive.

Truth: When they are fully grown, wiry and curly beards are often described as more distinguished than any other. The wiry texture is a sign of strength. And curly beards have been considered desirable since ancient civilizations decided beards were a sign of wisdom, leadership, class, strength, and virility. For those who don’t enjoy their natural, wiry texture, there are beard balms, brushes, combs, and styling techniques that will solve the texture challenge for days at a time, and in only five minutes.

Beard Myths And Fuzz Facts | Palm Beach Naturals

Beard Myth #4

Myth: Beards are really itchy.

Truth: As you begin to grow your beard, there’s an adjustment period. Growing your stubble out can leave you with a prickly pair feeling, complete with itchy skin and irritation. Unfortunately, men with curly or wavy hair end up feeling this itchiness compounded because the hair curls back against your skin. If you can last just one month, you’ll be golden. Everyone’s skin just needs some time to be desensitized to the familiar sensation of hair on their face. To help you through this process, there are shampoos, balms, and oils. Choose the right products, and that adjustment period will be significantly reduced.

Beard Myth #5

Myth: Beards are too uncomfortable and hot during the summer.

Truth: This can be a tough one to grasp. We grow our beards out to stay warm in the winter. But as it turns out, beards also keep us cool in the summer. They shield our skin from the sun and provide protection from UV rays. Plus, if you spritz your beard with a little cool water or take a dip in the pool, your beard will hang onto that water and keep moisture close to your skin, even when the rest of your beard is dry. This helps to keep you cool, especially if you can catch a breeze.

There’s no doubt from any bearded man that beard life is the best life. Send us your questions and myths. We’ll bust them, or share the best, tested solutions available. Stay bearded, friends.

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