January 01, 2019

If you love beards and want to know what makes a great beard, there’s nothing more informative, impressive, and wildly fun than checking out beard competitions. Get inspired this year by attending one of these fuzzy celebratory events. Or prove your manly, majestic mane can stand up to the competition by entering for the win. And why not? You’ll meet other beard enthusiasts. You’ll have a significant points of interest to share at your next soiree. And most competitions are charitable events, so if nothing else, you’ll be contributing to the greater good. Plus, if you win, talk about bragging rights. You could have a new title to your name with the trophy to prove it!

Beard Competitions In The U.S.

beard competitions 2019 palm beach naturalsThe Sturgis Motorcycle Club Beard and Mustache Contest (August 2019) The Sturgis Motorcycle Club has included in their yearly rallies an event that brings together two things that seem almost inseparable: motorcycles and facial manes. With 6 categories (there’s even one for the ladies, called “Whiskerina”) and a maximum of 15 participants for each, it may be a small event, but a win here qualifies you for the National Beard and Mustache Championships!

LINK:  http://sturgismotorcyclerally.com/beard-and-moustache-contest/


beard competitions 2019 palm beach naturalsAustin Facial Hair Club’s “Come and Shave it #13” (February 2019) Austin, Texas was home to the last edition of the World Beard Championships in 2017. The local beard aficionados club hosts its very own competition every year. There are 15 different categories, and the event is 100% charitable. All the proceeds from ticket sales ($20 each) are being donated to charity.

LINK:  https://www.austinfacialhairclub.com/events/


beard competitions 2019 palm beach naturalsWizarding Dayz 2019 Beard Competition (February/July) Here is a different side of the love for facial hair. This event offers a mix of cosplay and beard competition with categories like “Wizards Beard” and “Knights Mustache.” There are two events each year, both in Utah. They are on February 22nd and 23rd at the Mountain America Expo Center in Sandy, and July 19th and 20th at the Cache Valley Convention Center in Logan. Ten percent of all proceeds are donated to selected charities.

LINK:  https://wizardingdayz.com/2019-beard-competition/


beard competitions 2019 pam beach naturals2019 National Beard and Moustache Championships (TBA) Organized by Beard Team USA, this is where you will find and compete against the country’s best beards and mustaches in 18 different categories. Are you worthy? Can you compete against the best of the best? The venue changes every year. The 2019 location is yet to be announced so bookmark this website. Finally, a portion of ticket sale is donated to a local charity.

LINK:  https://www.nationalbeardchampionships.com/home-upcoming-events

Beard Competitions Around The World

beard competitions 2019 palm beach naturalsFestival du Voyageur’s 2019 Beard Growing Contest (December) Our neighbors in Canada have a few of their own beard aficionado meetings. One of the most noteworthy is the Beard Growing Contest hosted by the “Festival du Voyageur,” with four different categories. In their own words, “open for men and women” with diverse topics such as “Clean Shaven” and “Novelty.” As with many other beard competitions, this event helps raise money for a good cause. In this case, The Heart & Stroke Foundation is the beneficiary of competition proceeds.

LINK:  https://www.heho.ca/en/festival/beard-growing-contest/


beard competitions 2019 palm beach naturalsThe British Beard and Moustache Championships (TBA) “Sandgrown Beardsmen” is a beard and mustache club located in Blackpool, England. They host what is perhaps the country’s most prestigious facial hair competition. Last year there were 21 different categories, which included beards, mustaches, and partials. There is even an “under 16” category for the future keepers of the beard loving spirit, so the yet to be announced 2019 edition should really be something to look forward to!

LINK:  https://tbbmc.sandgrownbeardsmen.uk/


palm beach naturals beard competitions 2019Ireland’s Beard and Moustache Competition (May) Arguably the country’s finest beard competition, this beard and mustache competition takes place during the “Festival of Finn.” The lively celebration is one of many noteworthy events on the Irish calendar, occurring during the May Bank Holidays. There are numerous categories to choose from including full and partial beards, mustaches, goatees, and a special prize for the “Best Local Beard.”

LINK:  http://festivaloffinn.com/best-beard/


beard competitions 2019 palm beach naturalsThe Braw Beard and Moustache Championships (February) Scotland also has a love for the beard and, in keeping with the true Scottish spirit, the country’s top facial hair styling competition takes place inside a brewery! The event will take place on February 23rd. There are 11 categories, including mustaches and beards, which are divided into lengths and then between “natural” and “styled” beards.

LINK:  https://brawbmc.bigcartel.com/

Last, But Definitely Not Least

beard competitions 2019 pam beach naturals2019 World Beard and Moustache Championships This is what it is all about. The best of the best around the world gather to decide who has the best facial hair in the world. After taking place in Austin in 2017, the 2019 WBMC will move to Antwerp, Belgium, May 17th - 19th. There are 16 different categories in the competition, comprising mustaches, partial beards, and full beards. And expect to see some unforgettable beard and mustache styles competing for the unique title of “The World’s Greatest!”

LINK:  https://www.worldbeardchampionships.com/2019-wbmc