August 19, 2018

There are 26 bones in the human foot. You have 33 joints in your feet. And you have more than 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments. It’s amazing, with all the weight, responsibility, and moving parts that knee and hip injuries are so much more common. Our feet really are engineering marvels. However, they do deserve our care and attention. There are some common foot problems the majority of the population must deal with at one point or another. That includes blisters and hot spots. We owe it to these powerful, underappreciated parts to find a care routine that rewards and rejuvenates them, every day.

Blisters and Hot Spots

Usually brought on by the wrong footwear for whatever activity we are engaging in, blisters and hot spots are incredibly common. What people often don’t realize is the damage caused by these nuisances. We load up on band-aids and moleskin, wear friction-free socks, and try different insoles to cushion and protect our feet, but what are blisters and hot spots really telling us? Shoes are one of those industries that sell us on looks and performance, but rarely sell us on the benefits they offer our feet. That’s because it’s a largely unregulated fashion industry. When we get sore feet, or the symptoms of sore feet, like blisters and hot spots, we are being told our shoes aren’t right for us and our lifestyle. Here are a few ways to change that.

  • Get custom shoes made. Yeah, yeah, easier said than done, but if you price out the extra money spent on insoles, extra comfy socks, bandaids, foot massages, and limited activity by the end of the day, basic customization just might be worth it. We’re not talking fine Italian leather, unless that’s what you want. Many companies will create a custom shoe for a one-time fee, and if you’re days end with you dying to put your feet up, this option might be worth serious consideration.
  • The yogis say, go barefoot more often. Or work on wearing more sandals. The open air can help eliminate the environment that creates blisters and hot spots. This is not only true because we reduce rubbing, but because we don’t have our feet locked into the dark, moist places where bacteria and fungus can build up, creating an environment that softens and weakens the skin, leading to hot spots and blisters.
  • Clean, moisturize and dry those tootsies every day. That goes for feet and for shoes. It’s extra important that we do this with our blisters. Wash and sanitize blisters. Add an ointment that will help numb the area, but more importantly will reduce the possibility of infection with an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal ingredient list. Once 24-hours has passed, try to let the blister dry out. If it begins to ache or develop redness around the edges, add a medicated lotion or more ointment to help alleviate or avoid over drying. FOOT SENSE is a powder designed specifically for our feet. It’s made with premium products that will keep our feet dry, without sucking out every ounce of moisture that can lead to dry, cracked, feet, leaving them susceptible to foot odor. This is the real danger of blisters. They can cause a change in our foot care that can lead to a foot odor cycle that is tough to get rid of.
  • First aid is crucial once the blister has formed, but don’t forget that prevention is the best medicine. They seem like a forgotten profession from the days of yore, but cobblers do exist, and they offer more than repaired soles. Many high-quality long-time professionals will actually break your shoes in for you! That’s right. Most cobblers and many shoe repair pros will put your shoes on a stand and break them in for you. This will save your feet the pain and agony of breaking them in yourself. The process of doing it yourself can take weeks, and a pro can do it in a matter of hours. Once they’ve broken them in, the only thing you have to do is get their wear patterns to fit your specific foot, which will take a couple days, rather than a couple weeks.

Quality foot care requires everyday attention. We need to learn when to apply moisture and when to apply powders for dryness, like FOOT SENSE. We need to take care of our feet because we do abuse them periodically, if not every day. And we need to know basic first aid for our common aches and ailments. Blisters seem basic, but the danger is in the foot odor cycle that can develop. Create a regimen that works and stick to it. Shoes and other quality footwear, are a big part of that.