Since the day I was sprouted my first facial hair I have had some sort of beard. Although theses beards have varied in shape, length, style and color they have been ever present. That’s 43 years of Beards and counting. . From a scraggly Dobie Gillis Chin thing at 13 to a full bushy dark brown face warmer in Albany NY as a karate instructor at 21 to a well-trimmed professional look in my 30’s, as a salesman and business owner , to a graying circle beard in my 40’s to a full grey beard these days. Whether beards are in, trendy, or just the way we are made us bearded guys (and the women that adore us) get it. We shape our beards, trim our beards, (sometimes too much) read about beards and try beard products and styles. That is how BEARD SENSE came about. One hot South Florida afternoon my bearded partner and I were enjoying a fine local craft beer http://www.saltwaterbrewery.com/ along with an Angels Envy https://www.angelsenvy.com/  or 2 and talking beards. We talked shape and length, we talked about the beard shampoos, balms and conditioners we had tried and we decided to formulate the world’s best All Natural Beard Oil. After 11 months of formulations, trials and errors we believe that we have the best beard grooming and conditioning oil on the planet. Try BEARD SENSE and see for yourself. Let us know what you think