How Often Should I Wash My Beard

One of the most Common questions we get from both our bearded friends and those contemplating growing a beard is “how often should I wash my beard?”

Although there is no right answer we can suggest the following. Wash your beard in accordance with washing your hair. If you are a gym guy, a work outside guy or a working under the car guy, you may shampoo and condition daily, if so do the same with your beard.
If your activity level is less and are a shampoo once or twice a week guy, do the same with your beard. The idea is to wash your beard often enough to keep it groomed and pleasant smelling but no so often as to dry out your skin.
All things being equal thicker bears and those with coarser hair can be washed less often as they are often drier than thinner beards which tend to be oilier and should be washed more often.

Never use bar soaps to clean your beard.They contain harsh ingredients and strip your beard of its natural oils. Use a high quality shampoo designed for your hair type that cleans gently, without removing natural oils. If you use a quality shampoo, you’ll be able to shampoo your beard more often simply because it’s a more nourishing product.
Always use conditioner on your beard, followed by a high quality  all natural Beard Oil.To keep things even healthier, apply beard oil. After washing your beard, use a high quality all natural beard oil. Use Beard Oil after you shower, shampoo and condition your beard for the best, healthiest and best looking beard.. Beard oils don’t contain heavier ingredients found in creams and creams, so they’re able to deliver a high concentration of active natural ingredients into beard and skin.